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In An Accident What If The Other Driver Says “The Light Was Green!”

You get in an accident. The other driver claims the light was green. It wasn’t. How do you overcome that? It’s easier than you think.
Disregarding a stoplight (or stop sign) is a leading cause of traffic accidents. And sometimes, it is one other drivers try to manipulate so they don’t have to be liable. In some cases they lie outright, and in others they honestly remember wrong. Both happen.

Let’s say you saw the light, and it was undoubtedly red. For now, it’s your word against someone else’s. You don’t want to have to make a claim with your insurance company because that will cost you some money and likely drive your premiums up. And you shouldn’t have to take responsibility if you were abiding by the law.
What Can You Do?
You’ll most likely have to go to court for this kind of accident case. The other driver’s insurance adjuster will be nearly […]

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The Top Conditions Leading to Slip and Fall Injury Claims

What conditions cause the most slip and fall injuries? Find out how to avoid getting hurt in this post from the attorneys at Mullen & Mullen.
It’s that time of year again. The weather is slowly cooling down. And before you know it, winter is going to be upon us. That leads perfectly into the first condition that causes many slip and fall injuries:
Ice and Snow
Slip and fall injuries involving these elements happen most commonly in parking lots and on sidewalks. In regard to the law, there’s no specifically defined time limits or accumulation limits before a property owner becomes “negligent.” In fact, the real question under current law appears to be whether the ice or snow resulted from natural accumulation or unnatural accumulation.

Many courts are hesitant to allow the recovery of damages if the ice or snow that caused the slip and fall injury was the result of natural accumulation, i.e. […]

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Things We Put in Your Demand Letter to Maximize Your Settlement

Your demand letter may be your most powerful negotiating tool. Learn how we construct it to position your personal injury claim in the strongest way possible.
Your demand letter is possibly the most critical tool in the settlement negotiations process.

Don’t worry – you won’t be writing it. Your personal injury lawyer will because it’s critical to present all the facts and circumstances in a way that positions you well.

We’re not talking about manipulation or exaggeration here. This is a settlement tool we need to use on your behalf to make sure you don’t get run over by the insurance company.

Once we’ve compiled all the information and facts about your injury case (all medical bills and records, any necessary witness affidavits, etc.), we can create your demand letter.

Here are some tactics that might be used to craft the strongest possible demand letter on your behalf:
The Individual Facts of Your Case
The insurance company […]

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How to Overcome Falsified Truck Driving Logs After an Accident

Truck drivers or their dishonest employers sometimes falsify driving logs. Here’s how our attorneys overcome this after a truck accident, with your help.
Companies that employ fleets of truck drivers – and the drivers themselves – are not above altering driving logs. They have motivation to alter or falsify logs so they don’t have to pay as much, or at all in the event a truck driver causes a wreck.

They know the cost of settlements for truck accidents. And, they have teams of professionals and lawyers in place ready to defend them.

Not that every company with a fleet of trucks for shipping is dishonest. But, some are. This does happen, and don’t try to live in a fantasy world where it doesn’t on occasion.

Many companies push their drivers to work absurd 60+ hour weeks. That leads to fatigue, driver errors, and accidents. And, sometimes drivers “fudge” their logs to make up […]

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Attorney Settles Motorcycle Injury Accident in Frisco for $132,500

$132,500 settlement for fractured clavicle injury motorcycle accident in Frisco, TX. Great result by attorney at all available insurance policy limits.
Our client was a passenger on a motorcycle traveling northbound on Preston Rd in Frisco, Texas near Main St. The motorcycle operator failed to yield the right of way turning left into a parking lot and was struck by a sedan. The motorcycle driver and our passenger were both transported to the hospital via ambulance.

Physical examination at the ER revealed multiple contusions and abrasions. Imaging of her right clavicle (collarbone) demonstrated a minimally displaced longitudinal distal fracture. As a result of the fracture she experienced post-traumatic arthropathy.

Comments from Attorney Joseph Morrison: Early on in the case our firm identified all possible sources of recovery for the client. We established a liability claim with the operator of the motorcycle as well as an underinsured motorist claim with our client’s own insurance […]

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Precautions to Prevent Being Sued for a Slip and Fall Injury

Check out these tips to see how businesses can take simple steps to prevent slip and fall injuries and lawsuits from happening.
You hear about slips and falls all the time. But how common are they really?

According to the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI), slips-and-falls account for 1 million emergency room visits, or 12% of total falls.

So yes, they are a common problem.

For senior citizens, they’re also a leading cause of injury-related death. You don’t want to find yourself facing a wrongful death lawsuit because of a simple, and preventable slip-and-fall accident.
How can you protect yourself from slip-and-fall lawsuits?
Here’s what to do:

Identify, Fix and Warn About Dangerous Conditions

According to the NFSI, most slip-and-falls happen on hazardous surfaces, both indoors and outdoors – 55%, in fact.

So if you’re a business, when you clean floors, make sure you put up appropriate warning signage. Fill in those potholes and cracks. Look for and repair/improve […]

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How Common Are Commercial Truck Accidents? Get the Statistics

How common are commercial truck accidents? How can you drive to keep yourself safe? Find out in this post from our personal injury lawyers.
You probably don’t really care about commercial truck accidents until one happens to you, a friend, loved one, or a co-worker – although most drivers can agree that driving beside or around a commercial truck can be terrifying.

But what you don’t know can hurt you. Some of these stats give you useful background information, while others can save your life.

Keep reading to see what we mean:
Overall, It Is Safer to Drive with Large Trucks Than in Past Decades
Data from the US Department of Transportation shows 2,485 passenger vehicle occupants died in “large truck accidents” in 2014. The most deaths happened in 1979, when 4,226 people in passenger vehicles died in large truck accidents.

That’s a 41.1% drop from 1979, which represents good progress.

However, this number is up slightly […]

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How Long Do You Have to Bring Forth a Slip and Fall Claim?

You slip, fall, get hurt, and think it’s someone else’s fault. How long do you have to file your injury claim? It depends on where you got hurt. Find out more in this post.
You slip. You fall. You’re injured.

How long do you have to take action on that if you want to file an injury claim?

It depends on where you fell.
Lesson #1: Procrastination Jeopardizes Your Settlement Amount and Possibly If You Can Recover Anything
Regardless of where you fall in Texas, it’s not something you want to procrastinate on. You don’t want to wait to pile up all your medical bills first. You can successfully negotiate a settlement for all future damages via a settlement now.

It’s a scary process too. But, you’re only going to harm your slip and fall case if you wait. Judges and juries think that honest premises liability injury victims act quickly. If you delay, that harms […]

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Hurt in a Truck Accident? Who’s Liable? The Driver or Company?

Hurt in a truck accident? The resulting legal battle can be quite complex. Learn who might be liable for your injuries in this post.
You’re in a car accident. The other driver ran a red light. It’s pretty clear they have fault.

Now, change that car to a semi-truck. Is the driver responsible?

The answer is still yes but it’s important to remember that his or her employer may also be liable for your injuries.

Let’s get right into the details:

When Does the Company Have Liability?

If the semi-truck driver was an employee of a trucking company and operating the vehicle in the course and scope of his or her employment, the trucking company would also be liable for the injuries you sustained, as long as the driver’s conduct was negligent or reckless.

The employer should be financially responsible if its employee injures someone while in the course and scope of employment. Employers usually […]

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The Top Reason Slip-and-Fall Cases Are Not Successful

What’s the main reason slip-and-fall cases fail? Find out in this post so you don’t have to worry about losing your injury claim.
What would be worse than slipping, falling, missing time from work, racking up a pile of medical bills, and then finding out you’re not able to win your injury claim, even though it’s 100% someone else’s fault?

It can happen in slip-and-fall cases. And it’s more likely when you have an inexperienced personal injury lawyer.
What Is the Top Reason Slip-and-Fall Claims Get Denied?
In one sentence: proof of notice of a dangerous condition.

Most Defendants argue they didn’t have actual or constructive notice of the dangerous condition that caused the injuries. Defendants simply say, ”I did not know about the dangerous condition. And it’s not my fault that I didn’t know. There is no way I could have known. I don’t know how long the dangerous condition was present.”
How Do You Show […]

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