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Injury Auto Accident in Richardson, TX Settles for $18,500

An $18,500 gross settlement was won by attorney Joseph R. Morrison for a personal injury claim involving a car accident in Richardson, TX. The insurance company offered $7,500 before the client retained us as his Richardson auto accident attorneys.

Our client was injured while traveling northbound in the right lane of the 700 block of South Central Expressway in Richardson, TX. The operator of a commercial vehicle dropped his phone and reached to pick it up. When the commercial operator looked back up traffic had stopped and he was unable to avoid striking the automobile in front of him. The impact started a chain reaction and the rear end of our client’s car was subsequently struck by another motorist’s auto.

The client was taken to the hospital via ambulance where he was diagnosed with a cervical strain and contusion to his right knee. Hospital physicians ordered him off work for 2 days. He eventually […]

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Injury Car Wreck in Plano, TX Settles for $100k

This car accident injury claim settlement by Plano accident lawyer Joseph R. Morrison was fantastic at the $100,000 policy limit. The at-fault driver had no insurance and harmed our client in an auto accident in Plano, TX which caused lumbar/cervical disc injuries.
Lumbar/Cervical Disc Injuries Car Wreck in Plano, TX Settles for $100,000
Our client was driving in the left lane on the North Dallas Tollway in Plano, Texas. Traffic became congested and he brought his vehicle to a complete stop. An inattentive motorist failed to control the speed of her automobile and rear-ended him. This caused his car to subsequently hit the automobile in front of him. The at-fault motorist did not have any auto insurance. Thankfully though, the client had uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage (UM/UIM) on his policy.
Remember: An estimated 13.3% of Texas drivers are uninsured.
Data from nine major insurance companies indicates 1.6 million Texas drivers do not have car insurance.  It is imperative that you […]

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Why You Don’t Have to Give a Recorded Statement to the Insurance Company When Asked

The insurance company wants you to give them a recorded statement. But, you don’t have to give them one! Find out when you should and shouldn’t in this post.
By this time in your life, you’ve probably given at least one recorded statement to an insurance company before.

Did you know you don’t have to do that at all?

Yes, the claims adjuster comes into the situation and approaches it like they make all the rules. They don’t give you a choice. They recite what they have to and ask you to give a recorded statement about your car accident.

Here’s the thing: they know most people say “yes” because they feel obligated to.

But, there’s no written law anywhere that says you have to. It doesn’t exist in Texas. And the Federal Government has not written any such law. It simply does not exist.

The Big Problem with Giving Recorded Statements to Insurance Companies…

Insurance companies […]

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Attorney Settles Minor Injury Car Accident in McKinney, TX for $20,000

$20,000 gross recovery for soft tissue injury car accident in McKinney, TX. Outstanding settlement by attorney for minor injuries.
Our client, a college student, was stopped at a red light in the middle lane at the intersection of North Custer Road and Virginia Parkway in McKinney, Texas.  The at-fault driver was traveling in the middle lane of North Custer approaching the same intersection, was distracted, and failed to control her speed. As a result, she rear-ended our client’s automobile while it was stationary.

Comments from Attorney Joseph Morrison: Liability was clear since this was a rear-end car wreck, and our client had been stopped at his red light for about a minute before the accident occurred. The collision was significant enough that the at-fault driver’s air bags deployed. Our client complained of neck pain at the accident scene and the investigating officer noted his complaints in the Texas Peace Officer’s Crash Report […]

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4 Top Factors Considered in Motorcycle Accident Settlements

What should your personal injury attorney consider when strategizing your motorcycle accident claim? These 4 factors for sure. Find out what they are.
You don’t hear about motorcycle accidents and lawsuits as much as you do about car accidents.

Can you remember the last one you heard about that hit local headlines?

In Texas, we have around 3,200 traffic fatalities per year, with roughly 350 or so occurring on motorcycles. We’re always one of the leading states in the nation when it comes to deaths per 100,000 miles. A significant number of motorcycle accidents occur every single day in Texas.

If you are in a motorcycle accident what factors are usually considered when deciding what compensation you should receive?

Here are a few:

Jury Prejudice

Yes, juror prejudice is real. If all factors are the same, a motorcyclist in an accident will usually get less compensation than the driver of a car. That’s because jurors […]

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Attorney Settles Whiplash Injury Car Accident Arlington, TX $24,000

$24,000 settlement for whiplash injury car accident in Arlington, TX. Excellent gross recovery by attorney for claim involving commercial vehicle.
Our client was operating an automobile in Arlington, TX and was stopped at a red light at the intersection of 1900 W. Division St and 500 Stadium Dr. The at-fault motorist was operating a commercial vehicle towing a utility trailer. He was inattentive, failed to control his speed, and neglected to timely apply his brakes. As a result, he caused the front of his commercial vehicle to collide with the rear of our client’s auto. Both vehicles were driveable following the car wreck.

Comments from Attorney Joseph Morrison: Our client began experiencing significant pain and discomfort the day after the collision. It is not uncommon for discomfort to develop over time as the adrenaline wears off. She went and got checked out at the hospital with complaints of neck pain, back pain, […]

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Who’s Responsible in a Pedestrian Vs. Car Accident?

You’re driving and hit a pedestrian. Are you responsible for their injuries? Not necessarily. Learn why or why not in this post.
Some people think that pedestrians always have the right of way. If you’re driving and hit a pedestrian you’re in big trouble, the thinking goes.

But, that’s far from the case. As with any personal injury situation, you can be totally at fault, the pedestrian could be completely at fault, or you could have shared fault.

Take a look at a couple different situations where fault could lie on either side, and the law in Texas that helps determine fault:

Both Drivers and Pedestrians Must Exercise “Reasonable Care”

The legal test for pedestrians is an objective one. This means that ideally, a typical person acts in a certain way in a given situation. This test applies to the pedestrian, regardless of what kind of person they really are. They could be […]

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Attorney Settles Injury Car Accident in Keller, TX for $132,501

$132,501 gross recovery for distal vertebral stroke sustained as a result of a car accident in Keller, Texas. Excellent settlement by attorney for injury claim at all available policy limits.
Our client, an older gentleman, was operating a motor vehicle traveling southbound at 300 Bourland in Keller, TX. An inattentive motorist failed to yield the right of way exiting a private drive and collided with his automobile. As a result of the accident our client’s car subsequently struck a light pole.

Comments from Attorney Shane Mullen: At our injury law firm an attorney always directly contacts new clients after their file has been assembled and takes the time to educate them about the process and to truly learn about their case from its onset. In this particular claim, I discovered the client had experienced a stroke before he retained us to represent him. Based on my prior experiences, I believed a good possibility existed that the car […]

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Attorney Settles Ankle Injury Car Wreck in Allen, TX for $23,000

$23,000 claim settlement for ankle injury car wreck in Allen, TX. Excellent gross recovery by attorney for bone contusion.
Our client was operating a vehicle traveling northbound on Greenville Ave in Allen, TX in the right lane and was going straight through the intersection at Bethany Dr on a green light. An inattentive motorist was attempting to make a left turn onto Bethany Dr and failed to stop at the red light. The at-fault driver pulled in front of our client’s car and left her no time to react. The automobiles collided and the impact was great enough that the at-fault motorist was pushed into a third vehicle.

Comments from Attorney Joseph Morrison: The client had immediate complaints of pain in her left ankle and right away sought emergency medical attention at the hospital. An X-ray showed a tiny calcific density possibly compatible with an avulsion fracture. She was given a boot […]

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Attorney Settles Sprain/Strain Injuries Car Accident in Dallas, TX for $30,000

Outstanding $30,000 gross recovery by attorney for car accident victim in Dallas, TX who suffered sprain/strain injuries.
Our client, a self-employed contractor, was injured in a car wreck in Dallas, TX that occurred near the intersection of S. Beckley Ave and E. Brownlee Ave. He was operating a motor vehicle traveling southbound on S. Beckley Ave. The driver behind him attempted to pass him on the left while making a left turn onto E. Brownlee Ave, which caused a significant auto accident.

Comments from Attorney Joseph Morrison: Our client injured his neck, back, and both shoulders during the collision, and was diagnosed with shoulder impingement syndrome. He had some radicular complaints in regards to his neck and back pain that faded over time. MRIs of both his cervical and lumbar spine were essentially normal and demonstrated he had only sustained soft tissue or sprain/strain injuries in the car wreck. We were able to assist him in receiving […]

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