$125,000 gross recovery for shoulder injury slip and fall in Dallas, TX. Outstanding settlement by attorney at over three times the incurred medical bills.

Our client was injured in a slip and fall at a truck stop in Dallas, Texas. In the process of falling he sustained a tear in his left shoulder that eventually required surgery. The client resided in Oklahoma.

Comments from Attorney Joseph Morrison: Our client did not have health insurance. Our injury law firm has long-standing relationships with medical providers throughout the State of Texas and we are routinely able to assist uninsured clients in receiving the medical attention they need and deserve.

In this particular case the client sustained a significant injury and I had to locate medical providers in another state – Oklahoma – who would be willing to agree to delay billing our client until the conclusion of his case. Mullen & Mullen has been fighting for the rights of injured victims for over 35 years. Our firm’s longevity and proven track record allowed me to quickly convince Oklahoma medical providers to work with us on the case.

Our client required a shoulder surgery that had to be performed at a hospital. Our injury law firm was able to convince the hospital and orthopedic surgeon in Oklahoma to proceed with the surgery based on our promise to pay them from the settlement proceeds of the case. This allowed our client to focus 100% on getting back to work as quickly as possible.

We were able to convince the at-fault company to agree to a pre-suit mediation. We presented a very strong case to the mediator and negotiated a fantastic settlement after many hours of discussions. I was especially pleased with the amount of the settlement given the client’s fairly low recoverable medical bills.

The settlement for this claim involving a left shoulder injury as a result of a slip and fall in Dallas, TX was $125,000. Attorney fees were $35,000. Case expenses were $715.84. After paying medical providers, the client’s net recovery was $60,736.07.