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Filing a Texas Brain Injury Claim – Call (214) 747-5240 for Help Now!

Suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury? 34 Signs & Symptoms You Have – And How Our TBI Lawyers Get You Fair Money for Your Brain Injuries

Have you experienced a traumatic brain injury?

Many accident victims have – and don’t even know it. Doctors routinely miss the signs.

That’s because traumatic brain injuries have a wide range of symptoms. Sometimes they’re mild and barely even noticeable. And in many cases they don’t appear until weeks after your accident.

According to Mayo Clinic, a mild traumatic brain injury causes you to experience symptoms like these:

  1. Losing consciousness for a few seconds to a few minutes
  2. Feeling dazed, confused, and disoriented
  3. Headache
  4. Nausea
  5. Vomiting
  6. Fatigue
  7. Drowsiness
  8. Problems speaking
  9. Interrupted sleep
  10. Sleeping more than normal
  11. Feeling dizzy and losing your balance
  12. Blurred vision
  13. Ringing in your ears
  14. A bad taste in your mouth
  15. Changes in your ability to smell
  16. Feeling sensitive to light or sound
  17. Unusual mood swings
  18. Difficulty remembering and concentrating
  19. Feeling anxious and depressed

And you may have suffered a moderate or severe brain injury if you notice any of these in the days following your accident:

  1. Losing consciousness for several minutes or hours
  2. Persistent headache or one that worsens
  3. Vomiting and nausea that continues
  4. Convulsions
  5. Seizures
  6. One or both pupils remain dilated
  7. Fluid draining from your nose and ears
  8. Inability to wake up from sleeping
  9. Weakness/numbness in your fingers and toes
  10. Loss of coordination
  11. Extreme confusion
  12. Unusual agitation and irritable behavior
  13. Slurred speech
  14. Any unusual change in your conscious awareness

That’s a long list of symptoms! And many are difficult to precisely define – making them subjective to your own experience.

That means proving traumatic brain injury causation, where another party is likely responsible for your injuries, can be difficult.

So if you believe someone else’s negligent behavior caused your injuries, and that law entitles you to compensation, you need a proven TBI lawyer with unquestionable competence.

Why Choose Mullen & Mullen’s Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyers to Handle Your Claim?

Most people hire the first lawyer they talk to. But remember, you’re in charge of a major hiring decision.

Make a bad decision and hire an attorney who cares more about lining his own pockets, and you could cost yourself six, and even seven, figures once you complete your claim. This can happen with popular firms who advertise on TV and the radio because they often settle your claim as fast as possible to maximize their own profit.

However, if you make a smart decision, you get all the money you deserve for your past, present, and future injuries and damages related to your traumatic brain injury.

And that’s why Mullen & Mullen’s TBI lawyers make sense.

Because not only do our lawyers have every bit of skill needed to get you the maximum fair compensation you can for your injuries – they’re pretty nice guys too.

Senior Attorney Shane Mullen routinely wins six and seven-figure claims for clients.

Recent victories include:

  • Robinson v. Howell – $1.1 million
  • Foster v. Nelson – $1 million
  • $2,024,050.73 (Confidential -All Available Policy Limits)

…And both claims were won before court became necessary. That saves an incredible amount of time, money, and stress for you.

This might be why Shane’s been named a “Texas Super Lawyers Rising Star” from 2014-2016. That ranks him among the top 2.5% of lawyers under 40 or with less than 10 years of experience. It’s not just any award…the Thomson-Reuter’s publication uses a 12-point system to evaluate all applying attorneys and eliminate any chance of you-scratch-my-back-I-scratch-yours from influencing the award.

Senior associate attorney Joseph R. Morrison was previously recognized for obtaining a Top 5 Texas Verdict (Premises Liability). Prior to Mullen & Mullen, he ran his own firm.

And finally, Regis Mullen (Shane’s father), has more than 40 years of legal experience. Initially, he began working for insurance companies. So he knows all the little tricks and traps they lay so they can avoid paying you.

No matter who takes your case…you’re in some of the most competent hands in all of Texas.

What Makes Mullen & Mullen’s TBI Lawyers Different from Others?

What races through your mind when you first realize you need to hire a TBI lawyer?

You might wonder:

  • How much will this cost?
  • Will the TBI lawyer care about my claim?
  • Is the lawyer a jerk in person?

Relax – because you’re in kind, caring hands at Mullen & Mullen.

Just Google “Mullen & Mullen Dallas” and read all our 98 Google reviews (4.9 star rating). When was the last time you saw any business, let alone a law firm, with a 4.9-star Google rating?

Or just Google any of our TBI lawyers’ names, and add the word “review.” You’ll read overwhelmingly positive things.

Besides an undeniably strong reputation, our firm:

  • Routinely wins you more money because senior lawyers do all the real work – not paralegals or junior attorneys. Other firms have paralegals and junior attorneys who help out – or even argue your claim in court with the supervision of a senior attorney. That dramatically lowers your chances of winning – and hurts the amount you win.

Other recent victories include:

Our Dallas TBI Attorneys:

  • Help you delay paying for medical bills until after your claim settles. We have special arrangements in place with many medical practices that delay billing until after your claim finishes. That takes a ton of emotional stress, irritating collectors, and uncaring medical institutions off you so you can focus on your recovery.
  • Have a unique setup that saves you money. Most injury law firms contract private investigation services. That costs you more. We employ our own private investigator to help you reduce your costs.
  • Are just plain nice guys. You probably worry that your lawyer will be a pain-in-the-you-know-what to work with. That happens. We get it. When dealing with insurers and other attorneys, we’re fierce competitors. But in private with you – we’re down-to-earth guys who listen and care, just like anyone else. You’ll feel at ease as you share your personal story of traumatic brain injury.

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