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Jehovah’s Witness Child Sexual Abuse Lawyers in Dallas Who Win You More

Nothing frightens or stresses you more than when your child tells you about sexual abuse.

And the situation becomes even more difficult when they claim a religious leader has done so.

The community you and your child have come to rely on so much now comes into question. And you have a whirlwind of fear and anger making it difficult to choose your next action.

Unfortunately, it happens. And it even occurs within the community of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

While most religious leaders are upright individuals, some have serious issues that lead them to sexually abuse among the most vulnerable members of society.

Jehovah’s Witness church leadership has created the Watchtower Society to handle claims of child sexual abuse. But many have criticized the group, citing it pressures victims to stay silent to spare the church embarrassment.

Covering up and ignoring the issue only further harms your child and others. They will experience devastating emotional damage that may last most of their lifetime.

Sexual abuse may even drive them to dangerous behaviors later on in life, like alcohol and drug abuse, or even suicide. And the perpetrator will be allowed to continue to harm more victims.

What Should You Do If Your Child Reports Sexual Abuse by a Jehovah’s Witness Church Leader, Or If You Notice Physical Signs of Abuse?

As difficult as it may feel to you, the right thing to do is to act.

Your child needs protection and help. The church must understand the appropriate way to communicate to leaders their sexually abusive behavior is not okay.

A discussion, reprimand, or reassignment of the leader does not do enough. It allows the leader to continue their harmful behavior somewhere else. And Jehovah certainly would want to see the right and fair thing happen for your child.

That is when it makes sense to seek legal help.

And you will be fully protected when you choose Mullen & Mullen because:

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Our team has experience and a long history of demonstrated success winning personal injury claims:

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Winning your claim can help you afford the medical and mental health care you and your child need to cope with sexual abuse. It also provides closure, and you may give other victims the courage they need to step forward.

With Mullen & Mullen, many clients find out legal angles other law firms have missed. That could mean you win more, and it could result in you winning a claim another lawyer would not even represent.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Child Sexual Abuse Claims by Jehovah’s Witness Church Leaders

1. Why can’t I trust the Watchtower Society?

Previous legal claims against the Watchtower Society show it required elders to send reports of sexual abuse to the Society. Those reports, requested in 1989, have never been acted upon and no one even knows where they are today.

The Watchtower Society currently has the names of thousands of alleged sexual predators. It has been ordered to turn the files over or pay heavy fines.

Currently, the Watchtower Society refuses to hand over the files. They get charged $4,000 per day they don’t do this, with their total unpaid tab now running north of $2 million.

The victims don’t see justice. And the perpetrators get to continue to do their harm.

Everyone needs accountability outside of themselves because the temptation to take advantage of self-monitoring is too strong.

2. Does the “Two-Witness Rule” work?

Does not Matthew 18:16 say, “But if they will not listen, take one or two others along, so that ‘every matter may be established by the testimony of two or three witnesses.’”

It does. But the Jehovah’s Witness leadership grossly misapplies this.

The purpose was to stop baseless accusations against members of the faith. In practice, however, it ends up letting perpetrators of child sex abuse to continue their crimes.

You rarely ever have a second witness of an actual act of child sex abuse.

Jehovah’s Witness leadership have stated that this rule only applies to church discipline and not crimes. But the Watchtower Society has also said church elders have no legal obligation to report sexual abuse claims.

Some Church members have even been excommunicated for failing to bring forth a second witness.

3. How long do I have to file my claim?

It’s tough for sexual abuse victims to bring forth their claim. For some, it can take years to muster the courage and bring the pain and suffering to the attention of authorities.

Typically, the statute of limitations runs 2 years from the date of the injury for most personal injury claims. However, many states have recently increased the time period for filing sex abuse cases. They have done this because children don’t understand what constitutes sexual abuse and deserve the opportunity for legal recourse as adults. You should act now to get an assessment of your potential case.

The action was taken in response to harms and cover-ups by the Catholic church. However, it applies for all child sex abuse victims.

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