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Filing a Texas Uber Accident Injury Claim

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Can You Sue If You’re Injured by a Careless Uber Driver? Our Uber Accident Attorneys in Dallas Reveal the Answer.

You’re involved in an accident with an Uber driver. But collecting compensation for your injuries and damages won’t be easy.

Who is responsible? Can you sue? Even if you can, do you have a realistic chance of winning?

Remember, Uber is a Large Company Who Doesn’t Want to Pay

Uber isn’t publicly traded yet (although they probably will be soon). But they still have many private investors who want to see a strong bottom line.

If Uber pays out large amounts in accident claims, that reduces their bottom line. So, it doesn’t make any sense for them to make that process easy. Like most large companies, they’ll do what they can to avoid paying.

Remember, Uber drivers are not employees. They are independent contractors. Uber knows this and uses it to their advantage. In 2013, an Uber driver in San Francisco hit and killed 6-year-old Sofia Liu. Though using the Uber app when the unfortunate accident happened, the driver was technically between fares. Uber ended up settling the suit for an undisclosed amount about six months later.

To complicate the liability of Uber’s drivers, personal insurance policies often exclude accidents that happen at work. So, the driver’s personal auto insurance carrier may try to deny coverage.

How Do You Get Coverage If You’re Involved in an Uber Accident?

Well, first you have to clarify the circumstances around the accident. You may have read about Uber’s $1 million insurance policy that they give to all of their drivers. Whether that policy applies depends on the nature of the car accident.

Let our Dallas car accident attorneys clarify this for you:

  1. If an Uber driver is driving for personal reasons, but not to pick up passengers, he or she is covered by their personal policy. Texas state law and their individual policy limits apply.
  2. An Uber Driver makes themselves available to pick up passengers, but they’re not carrying a passenger during the crash. In this case, again the driver’s policy and Texas state law apply. However, Uber gives all its drivers additional liability coverage of $50,000 per injury (up to $100,000 total) and up to $25,000 in property damage. But, the driver must request it, and it only takes effect if the driver’s personal policy doesn’t cover all damages.
  3. Finally, assume the Uber driver is carrying a passenger they are transporting as a contracted ride-sharing service or is en route to pick up a passenger. In this case, Uber’s $1 million liability policy covers the driver and the passenger.

Since Uber claims their drivers are not employees, they can successfully avoid responsibility even if their driver is drunk, high, or distracted. To back their stance up, they require their drivers to sign an agreement stating that they will take on all responsibility when sued by a passenger or pedestrian and defend Uber from any liability. And then to make the matter even more confusing, states like California tend to classify Uber drivers as employees when auto accidents happen.

When you get hurt by a careless Uber driver, everyone points their finger at the other guy. No one wants to take responsibility.

So What Do You Do When an You’re Involved in an Accident with an Uber Driver?

You can try going through Uber or the other driver’s insurance. But as you know, both have billions of dollars and aren’t interested in helping you out. In fact, they want the opposite. They want to avoid paying you at all costs. Or if they do have to, they want to pay you as little as possible.

So, you’ll most likely need help from an experienced accident injury attorney who specializes in Uber accidents. And this “Uber accident attorney” must be able to take on billion-dollar corporations and the high-powered attorneys they employ. You don’t want the first attorney you find, because experience, proven success, and skill make a huge difference in whether you win your claim (and for how much).

Mullen & Mullen’s Uber Accident Attorneys in Dallas, TX Will Get You the Fair Compensation You May Deserve

Our experienced injury attorneys have a proven track record of success fighting (and defeating) big corporations who don’t care. Attorney Joseph Morrison helped one client win $588,516.23 in Young v. ConAgra Foods, a $13.3 billion company. Managing Attorney Shane Mullen has won pre-suit settlements valued at $1.1 million (Robinson v. Howell) and $1 million (Foster V. Nelson), and defeated Wal-Mart in Priscilla Hughes v. Wal-Mart Stores Texas, LLC. Attorney Regis Mullen used to work for a large insurer, Allstate, but began representing personal injury victims when he realized how they were being taken advantage of.

What Makes Mullen & Mullen Different from Other Uber Accident Attorneys in Dallas?

To start, Mullen & Mullen does not employ a single paralegal. This means all the research on your case gets done by an experienced attorney (or private investigator), rather than a less-knowledgeable paralegal. That makes your case stronger. It gives you a much higher chance of winning.

You also get connected with doctors, hospitals, and other medical professionals who won’t bill you until you win your claim. So, you don’t have to worry about medical bills piling up, bill collectors, and the stress it creates. In addition, these medical professionals know how to document your injuries for use in the settlement or court process. Not all medical professionals understand exactly how to do this.

Finally, you don’t get your case passed off to an inexperienced junior attorney. The lawyer you meet with does all the real work on your claim. They negotiate directly with Uber’s insurance company and/or Uber’s lawyers. And they fight your case in court when necessary. About 90% of cases get settled outside of court.

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