The web is loaded with legal news. Where can you find some of the top personal injury headlines and information? Check out this list:

  1. – Great for Everything Personal Injury, Or Any Other Legal Topic for that Matter

This link takes you to their personal injury section, which covers just about every aspect of personal injury possible. Note that they often use the more formal term, “tort” to refer to personal injury. It’s great if you want to know about any other area of law too. Go there now

  1. American Bar Association – Good for Basics

Who better for good legal information than the American Bar Association? They’re also keen enough to write in simple, understandable language, rather than “lawyer speak.” This link takes you to their personal injury section, with many answers to common questions. Check it out

  1. Negotiating a Settlement Without a Lawyer?

Do you have one of those cases that’s too small for a lawyer to take on? Some rare cases fall into this category. Secure counsel if possible but if you can’t follow this guide.

  1. Nolo – Personal Injury Law in Plain English

Nolo says they use mostly lawyers, paralegals, and other legal professionals to write their content. The idea at Nolo is to write “Plain English” any reader can understand. And they require each writer to pass a test in the specific area of law they want to write about. Here’s a link to their personal injury section.

  1. Avvo – Independent Online Rating Service for Lawyers

Avvo allows users to rate lawyers on a scale from 1-5 stars, with 5 being the best. They can also post their opinions about the service they got. Don’t trust Avvo ratings as the “gold standard” because some lawyers have the majority of their reviews on other sites such as Google +. But they give you a good general gauge of the lawyer’s credibility. Go to Avvo

  1. Big Victory for Texas Insurers Lets them Intentionally Misrepresent Policies and Maliciously Punish Employees

You can read all about this at the Texas Tribune. It supports our opinion that, in general, Texas takes the side of big companies, not average people.

  1. Which Auto Insurer Should You Trust Most?

Is that adorable little gecko all he’s cracked up to be? Or is this cartoon character a little devil in disguise? Read user ratings for the most well-known auto insurers in the US at Consumer Affairs.

  1. Great Medical Malpractice Resource

At Mullen & Mullen, we don’t do as much (although some) on the medical malpractice front. This Chicago firm has tons of  great information on medical malpractice.

  1. Denver Legal Team Shares Personal Experiences

This Denver law firm shares their actual trial experiences. Neat stuff. In their most recent case, a Geico’s defense attorneys want to argue (in trial) that the firm’s client intentionally drove their car in front of a drunk driver with a BAC 2.5 times the legal limit to make a false claim. Believe us, we’re not making this up. Read more about it here.

  1. National Personal Injury Law News

You can read all sorts of leading stories at this blog. Recently, one article found 1% of all physicians are responsible for 32% of paid medical lawsuits. Check out the latest here.