Some personal injury lawyers advertise relentlessly. Others do it with quiet dignity. Learn why you don’t want to work with the first kind of lawyer.

First thing’s first, and let’s be very clear: it’s completely okay for lawyers to advertise their services through whatever means they find that work.

TV, radio, Google search, social media – it’s all good. However, when you see the firms that “shout it loud and proud,” you have to be careful and consider whether they have your best interests in mind.

That’s not just our opinion. An article in the Georgetown Journal of Legal Ethics calls some firms out on their advertising motivations and business practices.

The articles call these firms “settlement mills.” Basically, it’s their goal to bring in a high volume of personal injury cases and settle them as quickly as possible. They aggressively advertise, and while they may settle many cases successfully, they don’t interact with clients like you nearly as much, and don’t take as many cases as they should to court.

The settlement negotiator also often lacks much critical information that helps them get higher settlement values for clients. In some extreme cases, “settlement mills” handle your entire case without it ever coming into contact with a personal injury lawyer. On top of that, they engage in these practices even in situations where catastrophic injuries occur to clients that may actually deserve millions in compensation.

And guess who really likes settlement mills?

Insurance companies!

Makes sense too – doesn’t it? They don’t have to negotiate with a lawyer in many cases. And even if they do, they know that person doesn’t have key information they need to drive the settlement value higher.

How Do You Identify “Settlement Mills?”

Generally, you’ll find them on television, advertising either late at night or during the early afternoon. You can also see them all over the billboards.

Now some firms, you might see them occasionally to the point where you vaguely remember their name each time they advertise. Those aren’t the firms we’re talking about – but be ready because they might be on their way to becoming a “settlement mill.”

When you think of firms that advertise, a few names quickly come to mind. Those are the “settlement mills” you should avoid.

They don’t care too much about your case – because they don’t have to. They don’t need to have a good relationship with you because another handful of clients is right around the corner.

And they’re not going away anytime soon because federal courts don’t tightly regulate legal advertising.

What’s Most Important to You?

When you look for a personal injury lawyer in Dallas, consider who you want. Do you want the name you know being blasted at you that treats you like just another personal injury case? Or do you want a smaller, personal firm that takes your case seriously because they value their relationship with you and the outcome you get from their service?