Learn Why You Should Not Go It Alone. Here’s How a Mullen & Mullen Attorney Can Assist You with Your Personal Injury Claim.

Don’t Go It Alone

We previously discussed the importance of not providing a recorded statement to insurance companies without the assistance of legal counsel. An injury attorney can help make sure you are asked fair questions, prepare you for the questions you are likely to face, and instruct you not to answer “gotcha” questions designed to allow the adjuster to delay, deny, or devalue your claim.

We are sometimes asked to assist someone after they have already attempted to negotiate a settlement on their own. These are good people who are usually absolutely shocked when the insurance adjuster – who had been acting like a trusted friend – suddenly offers them pennies on the dollar. In fact, adjusters routinely offer unrepresented injured victims less than their incurred medical bills alone… without any consideration whatsoever for pain, suffering, mental anguish, or impairment. All these are legal damages that accident victims are routinely entitled to.

So here’s some straight talk: A good personal injury attorney will add significant value to your case. Never forget that the insurance adjuster – who acts so concerned and friendly at the onset of your injury claim – is not your friend. They are often rewarded for settling claims for as little money as possible and for finding creative ways to delay and deny claims. Insurance carriers can be the size of a small army. They have teams of lawyers advising them. They exist to make profits.

How Can a Mullen & Mullen Injury Lawyer Assist You?

Level the Playing Field

The insurance company has an army of lawyers. You need effective and skilled representation to protect your interests. Our personal injury law firm has exclusively represented accident and injury victims for nearly four decades. We have an established track record of success representing real victims with real injuries and real damages.

Why does this matter?

Think of your case as a cake. You only get one opportunity to bake it and you only get one opportunity to serve it the right way.

If you have been injured in a car wreck, premises liability incident, or work accident your only focus should be on recovering from your injuries. You are not in a position to make sure your case is developed properly. In fact, you are probably unaware of the evidence necessary to meet your burden of proof on various issues or of the impact multiple factors, such as venue, have on arriving at a proper claim value.

Developing Your Personal Injury Claim

Developing your injury claim is essential to a successful recovery. For example, say you have a 3 mm herniated disc in your back as the result of a car wreck. Simply submitting medical records and relaying what the doctor told you during appointments won’t move the dial. If you sustained injuries through no fault of your own, you deserve to have answers about what impact those injuries will have on the rest of your life. A whole-person impairment rating can serve as powerful evidence. In other cases a life care plan may be necessary to accurately capture future medical costs and to lend credence to both current and anticipated physical limitations and/or restrictions.

Words matter in a personal injury case. It is not enough for your doctor to say you may need a surgery in the future. Such a statement fails to meet the burden of proof necessary to recover damages. Your doctor must indicate that it is likely – i.e. more likely than not – that you will require surgery in the future. That’s not all of it though. You also have to be certain that causation has been adequately addressed. The need for the surgery must be properly connected to the injuries arising from the incident.

Presenting Your Personal Injury Claim

You only get one opportunity to put your best foot forward. Initial impressions absolutely matter. Unrepresented victims face an uphill climb. Often times they simply submit medical records with a brief letter asking for money with no explanation for how they arrived at the figure.

So here’s some straight talk: When you are unrepresented, insurance adjusters don’t fear denying your demand because – guess what? – they know there’s nothing you can do about it if they offer you something ridiculous. Unrepresented victims are essentially bidding against themselves.

Our injury law firm is able to resolve a large percentage of claims without the necessity of litigation but we never hesitate to go that route if it will result in a better recovery for our client. Insurance adjusters know what we’ll do about it if they make an unfair offer.

We routinely utilizes 3d imaging, surgery illustrations, medical videographers, and other cutting-edge demonstrative aides to present our client’s claim/case in the most effective manner. We front these expenses – which can be substantial – to properly present the case and maximize our client’s likelihood of a successful recovery.