Preparation for any personal injury lawsuit is always key. Learn 12 questions defending personal injury lawyers are likely to ask.

So, your case ends up being one of the 10% or so that actually goes to trial. 90% settle out of court, but both sides can’t always reach an agreement without going to trial.

When that happens, the defense lawyer is going to have their chance to question you. This questioning period is called a “deposition,” which means you swear to tell the truth, and anything you say will be used as evidence.

Let me tell you up front: everyone’s terrified to do this at first. Don’t be alarmed if a number of anxious thoughts run through your head when you first learn you have to do this.

That’s completely normal. You’d be unusual if you didn’t experience this.

But you don’t have to worry because our experienced Dallas injury attorneys know how to help prepare you for your deposition. We know how to gently guide you through the process and make it as easy as possible.

It pays to practice the answers to questions you’ll likely be asked. When you’ve practiced, know what to expect, and know what you’re going to say, that takes a lot of the stress out of the process.

Here are some of the things you’ll likely be asked:

  1. What places have you lived? And what are the addresses of each? (Good to start out with a softball question at first, isn’t it?)
  2. What jobs have you held?
  3. What wages did you earn at those jobs?
  4. Why did you leave?
  5. Were you fired or did you quit?
  6. What’s every injury or illness you’ve ever had in your entire life? The lawyer will want to know every doctor you’ve ever seen, every hospital visit, the entire thing. If you’ve had an extensive medical history, you may have to write it down. You can also say,”That’s all I remember at this time” to cover yourself in case you miss anything.
  7. What’s every lawsuit or claim you’ve ever been involved in? This includes both personal injury claims and non-personal injury claims, like divorces.
  8. Do you have a criminal record? If so, what’s your entire criminal record?
  9. How did the accident happen? The lawyer will want to know every last detail about how it happened in your view.
  10. What injuries did you experience? Again, they want full detail here. Doctor’s names, complaints to each doctor, treatment received, medical bills paid and outstanding, and how often you’ve been to treatment.
  11. They’ll even throw in a few sneaky trick questions, like, ”What does your doctor look like? What color was the car you drove? Who is your family doctor?”
  12. They’ll also throw in questions (that you can’t possibly answer “correctly”) just to try to make you look bad to the judge and jury: “Who pays your doctor? Are you feeling better today? Why didn’t you see a real doctor instead of a chiropractor?”

Just prepare yourself for that. Remember, in every trial, there’s going to be situations where you don’t look as good as you should or answer perfectly.

Don’t worry about it. It happens. And that’s why you have Mullen & Mullen’s Dallas personal injury lawyers on your side – to help you make it through and get the compensation you deserve.