$112,500 gross recovery for herniated disc injury car wreck in Dallas, TX. Outstanding settlement by attorney on case where the liability insurance carrier’s initial offer was only $17,500.

Our client was driving a truck northbound on Webb Chapel Road in Dallas, Texas. He brought his vehicle to a stop to allow a pedestrian to cross the road. An inattentive motorist failed to timely apply her brakes and rear-ended his truck. Our client sought treatment the next day for neck pain.

Comments from Attorney Joseph Morrison: Our client complained of numbness and tingling in his left arm the day after the wreck. His doctor diagnosed cervical radiculopathy and referred him to physical therapy. Shooting pain from your neck into your arms, hands, and/or fingers is a troubling sign that could indicate the presence of a herniated disc. It is very important to immediately let your physician know if you experience numbness, tingling, or shooting pain following a motor vehicle accident.

An MRI of the client’s cervical spine revealed a small herniated disc. He would eventually require a trigger point injection and epidural steroid injections in order to obtain some degree of relief from his pain. The client was also diagnosed with a concussion by his treating neurologist. Thankfully, however, his dizziness eventually resolved.

Remember: A small herniated disc alone may not cause extended significant pain and discomfort. If you have degenerative disc disease, however, a small herniated disc can aggravate your underlying condition and lead to significantly increased pain entitling you to damages.

The liability carrier’s first offer was only $17,500. Many injury attorneys would have immediately recommended litigation but I wanted to secure my client the policy limits while his attorney fees were less. I traded extensive correspondence with the liability carrier and eventually got them to tender the full liability policy limits. It’s always rewarding when you help a client get the policy limits without the increased expenses and attorney fees associated with litigation. By not immediately recommending litigation – and the increased attorney fee that comes with it – I was able to save our client thousands of dollars. At Mullen & Mullen we go the extra mile and always put our client’s interests above our own.

The settlement for this claim involving a herniated disc injury as a result of a car wreck in Dallas, TX was $112,500. Attorney fees were $31,000. Case expenses were $251.70. After paying medical providers, the client’s net recovery was $44,957.42.