The word “insurance” is kind of a misnomer. Learn what their real agenda is and how insurers try to deny compensation for your injury claim.

What images come to mind when you hear the phrase “insurance company?” Do you think of that adorable green gecko? Or would you rather see him run over by a car?

Do you recall a time where you think your insurance claim was unfairly processed? Do you get mad and start cursing? It’s kind of ironic that they’re called “insurance” companies when it’s their goal to find ways not to pay for things!

Of course, you have to remember the reality. They have billions of dollars, executives with bloated salaries, quarterly numbers to make, and shareholders to please.

That’s why they have to spend so much money heavily advertising how they’re “on your side.” So someone has to pay for all that, and it sure as heck isn’t going to be them. So you get to pick up the tab.

Things Insurance Companies Look For In Injury Claims To Reduce of Deny Compensation

Regardless of what kind of personal injury claim you need to file, insurance companies always look for the same things. The scope and detail changes, but generally they want to find this:

Evidence of Fraud

Okay, so insurance companies have legitimate reasons for investigations too. They’re not all bad.

They want to make sure you don’t commit “hard fraud,” which is an organized conspiracy to lie about your claim. And they want to prevent “soft fraud” too, which is inflating the value of your claim.

Social Media Profiles

To find evidence of fraud, or to minimize or deny your claim, insurance companies now check your social media profiles. Remember, many networks let you see private information without actually being someone’s friend.

So if you get injured Wednesday, and you have a hard time walking, don’t take pictures of yourself country line-dancing with friends on Thursday.

They Want to Find a Way You Violated One of Their “Exclusions”

Most insurance policies have an “insuring clause” that tells you what your policy covers. After that, the real fun begins! At least, fun from their viewpoint anyway.

They list dozens of paragraphs, and thousands of words even highly intelligent human beings and experienced lawyers don’t understand. These sections are called “limitations” or “exclusions.”

And the basic point is that they’re written with such complex language to make it as easy as possible for insurance companies to deny or minimize the value of your claim.

You Don’t Need to Talk to Insurance Companies… Ever

At the end of the day, you have the right to talk with an insurance company (or not). What you have to remember is you have no legal obligation to do so. And keep in mind they’re not on your side, no matter how nice and accommodating they seem.

The good news is you never have to talk to an insurance company if you don’t want to. Call a personal injury attorney in Dallas, TX instead. They will advise you what to do, even if they can’t represent you.

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