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Our corporate office is in Dallas, TX and we also have satellite locations in Plano, Frisco and Fort Worth. We are no-win no-fee personal injury lawyers with 39 years of experience maximizing settlements.

Did your employer wrongfully take PPP or EIDL funds under the CARES Act? You can win 15-30% of the final money recovered!

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Get a 29% contingent attorney fee on COVID-19 False Claims Act cases in Dallas not requiring litigation (the filing of a lawsuit). The industry standard fee is 33.3%. Just mention this ad on first contact to potentially put thousands more in your pocket.

About COVID-19 False Claims Act Cases

Are you aware of a fraudulent claim your company made to gain funding from the CARES Act?

If so, and if your claim is won in court, you may be entitled to significant compensation for blowing the whistle. In past cases, courts have typically awarded 15-30% of the total value of the money recovered to the whistleblower.

From 1987 – 2009, more than $15 billion was recovered by the government under the False Claims Act. Individual whistleblowers saw about $2.5 billion of that come their way for doing the right thing.

And by now, you have certainly heard of some of the stories of large corporations falsely taking millions of dollars under the CARES Act.

Has the company you work at engaged in unethical conduct which has led to them falsely receiving Payroll Protection Program (PPP) or Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) funds?

You may be afraid of what will happen to you if you make the report. However, the False Claims Act provides legal protection from suffering workplace harassment or losing your job.

And the experienced attorneys at Mullen & Mullen will help you maintain your livelihood when you choose to report your firm.

Why report False Claims Act violations to Mullen & Mullen?

You have dozens of law firms to report False Claims Actions to in Dallas/Fort Worth. Why go with Mullen & Mullen?

Easy…we have an impeccable reputation winning civil claims against the largest corporations and put more money in your pocket than other firms.

For starters, check out our nearly perfect ratings on almost 275+ reviews to see what satisfied clients think.

The experience, knowledge, and skill of our COVID-19 whistleblower attorneys makes consistently excellent results happen.

Managing Attorney Shane Mullen was named a Texas Super Lawyer three consecutive years. Published by Thomson Reuters, Super Lawyers uses a rigorous 12-point system to name the top 2.5% of lawyers. The system is designed to eliminate manipulation, so you truly identify the most skilled lawyers not just in Dallas/Fort-Worth, but in all of Texas.

Shane has also won multiple lawsuits worth more than $1 million each against the most massive corporations in the country, including Walmart.

Shane’s father, Regis Mullen, has 54 years of legal experience. When he first started his career, he worked for large insurance companies. So, he knows all the tricks and traps large companies use to defend themselves.

Attorney Joseph R. Morrison used to run his own law firm and has dealt with nearly every kind of civil litigation you can imagine. He won a fifth largest premises liability verdict in Texas against $16 billion food packaging company Conagra Foods.

Both Shane and Joseph are members of the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum having won cases worth $2+ million.

You are always in good hands with Mullen & Mullen Law Firm in Dallas.

How does Mullen & Mullen Law Firm win you more money than other Dallas false claims act attorneys?

Unlike other qui tam firms, we do not use paralegals. That means your attorney does the real leg work on your case. Other larger firms may have you talk to an experienced senior attorney who then passes off much of the real work to inexperienced junior attorneys and paralegals. He simply acts as a supervisor.

While talented and helpful, paralegals and junior attorneys simply do not have the knowledge or experience to maximize the value of your claim. And using them increases the risk of losing your case entirely!

So, as you interview attorneys to take on your False Claims Act case, make sure you ask about who does the real work on your claim.

We also retain expert witnesses when necessary to win your claim. While this sounds like it would cost more, it raises your chances of settling your claim before it goes to court. And keeping your claim out of court reduces your legal costs a lot.

We are also a small firm of just three lawyers. That means your case gets the full attention it deserves. Larger firms aim to take on higher volumes of cases, settling them faster (and for far lower amounts) to maximize their profit.

We also employ an in-house private investigator, Mike Foster. Most firms contract these services out as needed. However, employing a private investigator costs less than hiring one on a contract basis, which means you get more money. And since Mike is intimately familiar with our processes, he knows the right questions to ask to find the exact evidence needed to help our lawyers win your personal injury case.

The False Claims Act Lawyers You Will Love

While we are fierce and tenacious warriors in court, our COVID-19 whistleblower attorneys are nice down-to-earth guys in person. You will feel listened to, cared for, and safe as we explore every detail of your case together.

Relax. Save your stress for the other headaches life brings, rather than worrying about how to deal with your lawyer.

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