what do ethical personal injury lawyers do

How do you know if you’re talking to an ethical personal injury lawyer? Look for these tell-tale signs.

We lawyers sometimes get a bad rap.

For the most part, that’s probably not fair or reasonable.

But let’s be honest: regardless of your profession, some act with integrity and some don’t.

So how do you know whether you’re talking to an honest lawyer who wants to get you a fair legal outcome, and one who just wants your money?

Take a look at some of these insights:

  1. Most Personal Injury Lawyers Act with Integrity

Your local media don’t sell facts and truth. They sell to your emotions – anger, self-righteousness, and judgmental attitudes. The news media do this because they know people pay attention to things that make them angry more than facts.

So, the stories you hear on television tend to be extreme stories that arouse those emotions. The news media know you’ll think about them and talk to your family, friends, and coworkers.

Think about the stories you hear about most anything on the news. They’re negative.

You hear about the lawyer who stole their client’s money. You hear about the lawyer seeking millions of dollars for a suit that was dry-cleaned wrong.

But you never hear about the positive things personal injury lawyers do!

What about the case of a victim of a car accident injury, and the insurance company who didn’t want to pay anything for their injuries, even though the other driver was at fault? Or, the insurance company who tried to pull a fast one and settle the claim right away for an amount that doesn’t cover the victim’s lost income or medical expenses?

Not every personal injury lawyer acts with integrity. But most do!

  1. Ask Your Lawyer Why They Got Into Their Profession

Honest personal injury attorneys often say it’s because they want to help people. The truth about how the world really works sometimes isn’t pretty.

Insurance companies don’t want to pay claims because that cuts profit margins, upsets stockholders, and hurts their business. Property owners don’t want to lose their insurance or see their premiums rise because you were hurt on their property. Small private businesses don’t want to see their worker’s compensation costs rise, so they avoid paying claims.

We’re not saying all these individuals and entities are “bad.” But there’s plenty of bad behavior out there.

And ethical personal injury lawyers want to help those without power.

  1. They Give You Realistic Expectations

You don’t want to hear from your personal injury lawyer that you’re “going to win millions.” A lawyer like that tells you what you want to hear so you hire them.

You don’t know – they might be a good lawyer. But then again, they might not. They may treat your case like a number and get you a settlement as fast as possible to maximize their profit.

You do want to hear what you can realistically expect. An honest lawyer would tell you, ”Yes, you could potentially be awarded millions but the value of the case depends on a number of factors.”

And then they should explain those factors and how the various factors apply to the facts of your individual case. And lastly, they should qualify their statement with the fact that there are no guarantees.

Lawyers that tell you realistically what to expect don’t want to give you false hope and high expectations. They want you to have an accurate appraisal of your situation because they care about their ability to deliver on your legal outcome.

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