Tristen Sharp 2017 Scholarship Winner

Inspirational Teen, Tristen Sharp, Wins 2017 Regis L. Mullen $2,500 Accident Injury Scholarship

Mt. Vernon, Illinois teen Tristen Sharp suffered life-changing injuries after being struck by a negligent driver. But she’s not letting that stop her from succeeding in life. And now, she’s headed to college to pursue her dreams.

Dallas, TX April 6, 2017 – Leading personal injury law firm Mullen & Mullen has named Tristen Sharp the 2017 winner of its accident injury scholarship. Tristen will receive $2,500 to attend the college of her choice, which she recently decided would be Illinois State University.

“Tristen’s story inspires me and serves as an amazing example for all injury victims to follow. That includes anyone who suffers unjust hardship too, for that matter. Her attitude is more fitting for someone three times her age. I’m not sure I would have thought like she did in the same situation. With her strong spirit and positive attitude, I’m sure she’ll succeed in the future regardless of what life throws at her. And hopefully, this scholarship will make life a little easier,” said Managing Attorney Shane Mullen.

On Wednesday, October 14th, 2015, Tristen was hit by a car while crossing the street to attend church. She sustained traumatic injuries that she is still rehabilitating from more than 18 months later. Immediately following the car accident, she needed a life-saving procedure to survive.

Tristen also suffered a fractured sinus cavity, three pelvic fractures, a punctured lung, and numerous abrasions and wounds all over her body. She fell into a coma for three weeks following the surgery. Upon awakening, she was unable to perform basic functions like walking, talking, and swallowing. Tristen wasn’t even able to remember who she was. She could keep her eyes open, but Tristen remained unaware of other people and her surroundings.

With the support of her family, she had to rebuild her life from scratch. Like anyone else would, she struggled with intense negative emotions during the recovery process. She even recently had to undergo hip surgery to repair injuries sustained in the auto accident.

Despite this, Tristen kept a remarkably mature outlook. “As much as I would like to question why this happened to me, I know that this would not be God’s plan. I choose not to consider myself a victim, and I can only hope that one day I can be a testimony to others on what a person can accomplish. In the midst of this accident, I have learned three important aspects of life. Tragedy does not discriminate, life is not intended to be fair, and most importantly, tomorrow is never promised,” she told Mullen & Mullen Law Firm.

“The struggles I have faced have not defined me as a person. While some may see the injuries I sustained as being my biggest hardship, attempting to secure financial assistance to attend college has been greater!” she added.

While Tristen’s injuries did affect her academic performance, she still finished her junior year with a 4.016 GPA. And, much to her cheer team coach’s delight, she not only again made varsity her senior year, but was even able to surpass her performance abilities from her junior year.

Tristen certainly has challenges lying ahead. But with her attitude and strong work ethic, success is guaranteed to follow. You can read the winning essay Tristen submitted with her scholarship application here.

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