Makynsie Bancroft Wins 2019 Regis L. Mullen $2,500 Accident & Injury Scholarship

Makynsie Bancroft Wins 2019 Regis L. Mullen $2,500 Accident & Injury Scholarship

Makynsie Bancroft

Girl who lost her mother in a car accident and endured multiple surgeries fights back to win the 2019 $2,500 Regis L. Mullen Accident & Injury Scholarship.

A Negligent Texting Driver Turned Makynsie Bancroft’s Life Upside Down

A single negligent decision by another person turned Makynsie Bancroft’s life upside down. But that driver’s decision hasn’t kept her down. After losing her mom and suffering severe physical injuries of her own, Makynsie Bancroft has fought through extreme adversity to become the 2019 Regis L. Mullen Scholarship winner.

“When I see what other people go through in their lives, especially at such a young age like Makynsie, I’m amazed and impressed,” said the firm’s managing attorney Shane Mullen. “Not only does she not let a tragic situation hold her down, but she even uses it to achieve, excel, and serve others to a degree most others can’t match. I’m more than pleased to make Makynsie our 2019 winner,” he added.

Makynsie’s story contains even more adversity than most. While driving home with her mom from visiting her dad over the weekend, her vehicle was struck head-on by a sixteen-year-old girl texting while driving. Tragically, Makynsie’s mother did not survive the auto accident. Makynsie suffered severe physical injuries, including a broken clavicle, broken leg, and shattered elbow. After multiple surgeries and extensive physical therapy, she was able to return to playing soccer.

Unfortunately, there was much more to her adversity than that. Her mother purchased $100,000 in life insurance for each child she had. However, her step-father took control of it and never gave the money to Makynsie or her siblings as her mother wished. Makynsie, however, showed far greater maturity in reaction to the difficulty. Beginning at fourteen, she worked at a grocery store and campground to help pay for her basic living expenses.

To top it off, teachers have praised her willingness to put in extra hours outside of the classroom to further her own success, and to help struggling students. Makynsie is also a member of extracurricular clubs like the Math & Science academic team, and the Beta Club, a volunteer group. As a senior, she not surprisingly graduated at the top of her class. All this hard work resulted in her selection as a “Rising Star of Indiana” from the Indiana Association of School Principals.

Finally, this culminated into her acceptance at Indiana University last fall, where she plans to study to become a doctor so she can help others who have been through traumatic situations like her own.

“Every year we have several candidates deserving of winning the Regis L. Mullen Scholarship, and this year Makynsie outshined them all. We’re happy to award her the $2,500 scholarship and wish her the best of success,” added Shane Mullen.

Makynsie Bancroft’s Winning Scholarship Essay (2019)

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