How Do Personal Injury Lawyers Fight Insurance Companies?

Personal injury attorneys fight big insurance companies that attempt to bully injured victims. Learn how skilled lawyers stand their ground.

Insurance companies are big. They’re bad. They don’t care.

Sometimes they can be reasonable. But many times they’re not. It’s no different than the big bully that harasses all the other kids on the playground.

Make no mistake about it. Insurance companies do throw their weight around when possible.

It’s one of the reasons you shouldn’t negotiate with them on your own. They might even threaten to appeal any verdict you might obtain.

For example, they might say, ”This is our final offer. Take it or leave it. If you don’t accept, sue us. Even if you win at trial we will appeal any verdict.”

They have lots of money. They know how the legal game works. You don’t.

Need I say more?

How Do Personal Injury Attorneys Stand Up To Insurers?

  1. They Do Thorough Legal Research

Insurance companies always think about their next move. An experienced personal injury attorney anticipates the moves they will make and stays one step ahead of them. They do thorough research to make sure they have a strong legal argument.

Many firms have a paralegal or junior attorney conduct legal research. However, it’s not as thorough or legally sound as research an attorney does personally.

  1. They Have Special Insider Knowledge of How Insurance Companies Work

In rare cases, personal injury attorneys may have worked for insurance companies in the past. What better way to counter their attacks than by knowing exactly how insurance companies work?

  1. They Request Reasonable Compensation Based on Facts and Texas Law

Sometimes personal injury lawyers promise you big money for your injuries, even before they know the full extent of your damages. If they do, know it’s unethical and against lawyer ethics rules. Don’t go with a lawyer that says what you want to hear and makes promises they might not be able to keep.

A good Dallas personal injury attorney seeks compensation based on the facts of your situation, and within the scope of Texas law. A skilled attorney will want to know the extent of your damages after your case has been fully developed and any arguments the insurance carrier raises before properly advising you of the value of your case.

  1. They Understand the Texas Appellate Court System

Texas has 14 appellate court districts. So that means that in turn, it’s possible to have 14 slightly different interpretations of the law.

Good lawyers know this presents legal traps. And they skillfully dodge them.

Can an Injury Lawyer Prevent An Appeal?

Not necessarily. Ultimately, deciding to appeal or not is a decision held by the party who lost the case. They could be extremely unreasonable people, and appeal a sound decision.

That said, a skilled personal injury lawyer in Dallas plans a sound strategy to limit the possibility of an appeal.

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