How to Stop Your Need to Text While Driving

You know the dangers of texting and driving, but how do you actually stop doing it? It’s much simpler than you think, even if it seems hard. Learn some easy ways you can stop being distracted while behind the wheel.

47 states, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, the District of Columbia, and Guam ban texting while driving says the Governor’s Highway Safety Association.

It’s hard for people to come to agreement on any issue. So when you have 47 of 50 states agreeing on action towards any social problem, you know it’s clearly a valid concern.

And states do this for good reason. Studies frequently show texting while driving is just as or more dangerous than driving drunk.

One study quoted in the New York Times found texting while driving increases your chances of an accident 23 times.

Could you imagine chugging several beers, hopping in your car with your kids, and then telling them, “Well, this is much safer than texting while I’m driving!”

Jokes aside, let’s say you, or someone you love dearly, continually defends the desire to text while driving.

How can you put an end to that behavior?

Well, it may be easier than you think:

Put Your Phone Physically Out of Reach

Toss your phone in your trunk if you have to. I’m serious! That way, you still have it in case of an emergency.

You can also put it in your back seat or glove box, but you may be able to reach your glove box when you hit a red light.

Don’t Want to Put Your Phone Out of Reach? Use an App

There’s only dozens of apps that lock your phone so you can’t use it at all while driving.

AT&T DriveMode silences all texts while you drive and sends reply texts letting others know you’re driving. The app does work for any carrier.

LifeSaver locks your phone entirely while you drive. Then, once you stop driving, it automatically unlocks your phone. It’s designed for teens, but it could work for adults too.

Down for the Count is geared towards teens and lets friends, family members, and relatives offer cash incentives for safe driving behavior.

Like I said, you have plenty more options that reduce or eliminate various functionality. So, you can certainly find an app that works for you.

Pull Over or Send Your Texts Before or After Your Trip

Have to enter a location in your GPS? Pull over and do it or enter your destination before your trip.

The same goes for texts and phone calls.

As soon as you hear your mind saying, “Oh, well I’ll just…” alarm bells should go off! That’s your mind rationalizing that nothing bad will happen to you.

The minute you hear that, say to yourself, “I choose not to listen to what my mind’s saying. Instead, I’m going to be safe and pull over to use my phone. Or, I’m going to ignore it and check it later.”

Everyone’s mind rationalizes. It’s why we all make foolish choices we’re not proud of several times in our lives.

The question is: “Will you get yourself to exercise your better judgment, or will it take something bad happening, like a serious car accident, before you change your behavior?”

You learn your own way. Some people can stop before something bad happens. Others need something bad to happen. And still others need something bad to happen many times before they finally learn the lesson.

So, which choice will you make?

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