How to Handle Another Driver’s Road Rage

What should you do if another driver gets way too upset and aggressive on the road? Follow this brief guide from Mullen & Mullen to help keep yourself safe.

You make a mistake when driving – a minor one. Perhaps you didn’t see another driver and cut in front of them. Or, you’re driving on the highway slower than they would like.

Most drivers either don’t care or get a little annoyed and move on. Then, every once in a while, you get a driver who thinks you’ve committed a heinous crime.

And they decide to retaliate in a dramatic way because of a small error on your part.

Here’s what to do if the other driver decides they need to get revenge and escalate the situation:

Take a Deep Breath And Avoid Doing Anything They Can Observe

You’ll likely feel at least slightly annoyed, or possibly quite angry with the other driver’s response. That’s fine. You can’t control your emotions. But you can control what you do with them.

Do your best to avoid honking or gesturing at the other driver. If you need to yell a little bit, do so inside your car where it’s difficult for them to see.

Take Defensive Driving Steps

Even though the other driver’s being a rude jerk, you’re still responsible for what you do. If they tailgate you closely, just get out of their way.

As they tailgate, they’re a distraction to your own driving. You don’t want to hit someone in front of you and find yourself at fault for an auto accident.

If you have to, pull over or change the route to your destination.

What If the Raging Driver Begins Following You?

If the other driver begins following you, you have to understand they have serious issues. There’s no sane reason to follow and confront someone else who inconveniences you while driving.

Don’t drive straight home. And never get out of your vehicle if you’ve confirmed someone is in fact following you.

Instead, pull over and use your GPS to find directions to the nearest police station. Take the raging driver straight there and, once they figure out what’s going on, they’ll leave.

Try to take note of their license plate number. File a report with the police.

If You Get In An Auto Accident with a Raging Driver

If the other driver’s going ballistic after you both have gotten into an automobile accident, stay in your vehicle, unless it’s unsafe to do so. Avoid engaging with the driver in any way.

Call the police and wait until they arrive to exchange information with the raging driver. Remember, raging drivers are cowards and will only attack a weaker target.

In rare cases, you may feel it necessary to leave the scene of the car accident to protect yourself from the driver. If that’s the case, you can absolutely do that. Call the police as soon as you can.

Hopefully, you never find yourself on the wrong end of a road rage incident. However, if it happens, you’re now prepared to handle it.

While road rage itself does not increase the compensation you can receive after an accident, it can be used as evidence and makes proving your case much easier if you end up filing a lawsuit.

And remember that contacting a car accident lawyer and running the facts by them to see if you can recover financial compensation for your injuries or damages is absolutely free.

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