Survivor of A Head-On SUV Crash, Named 2020 Scholarship Winner

Emily Gutierrez was the victim of a head-on SUV crash that resulted in a severely broken arm, loss of her job, cracked ribs, and months of physical therapy. But she won’t let that distract her on a journey to become a doctor, which makes her 2020’s Mullen & Mullen Scholarship Award Winner.

Dallas, TX April 23, 2020 – While on a casual trip home from the mall, Emily Gutierrez and her mom decided to grab some food for her siblings. Unbeknownst to her, it would be a fateful one.

As she made a legal left turn, she was suddenly hit head-on by a negligent driver of a SUV. Her car spiraled out of control, landed on the opposite side of the street, and she was trapped inside. Fortunately, she was able to escape her car relatively quickly with the help of a kind stranger.

Emily instantly knew she had a broken arm, but she didn’t know the full extent of her injuries. After a miserable few days in the hospital, she found out she had a severely broken arm that would require surgery to repair. Along with her broken arm, she had also suffered several broken ribs, cracked her head open, and had many bruises and scratches.

She would have to take a full month off from college and do about four months of therapy to recover. During her recovery, she was unable to write, and she had to learn how to type all over again because she had broken her dominant arm. And it would be nearly six months before she was able to work again.

A modest person, Emily did not expect her work to pay her while she recovered. She merely wanted to know she would have a job to return to. To add insult to injury, however, the hospital opted to fire her rather than giving her leave.

Emily’s father was the sole income provider for a family of six. Rather than feeling concern for herself, she was worried about the financial stress this would place on her father and entire family.

“It’s remarkable when I see young adults like Emily who act with such great maturity in the face of extreme adversity,” commented Mullen & Mullen’s Managing Partner Shane Mullen. “I don’t know that I would have the same courage and determination if my life was derailed due to an automobile accident that wasn’t my fault. Emily’s bravery makes me more than happy to award her our $1,000 scholarship.”

While it appears as though Emily will make a full recovery, the road ahead isn’t easy. She currently struggles with panic attacks when attempting to drive. And she has slipped into a bit of depression, sleeping long hours and not eating much.

However, teachers and coworkers who know Emily’s character believe she has a bright future ahead. They note she has a humble attitude focused on serving others. And that mindset lends itself well to overcoming even the most difficult obstacles life offers.

Emily currently maintains a solid 3.0 GPA at Aurora University, a private college in Aurora, Illinois. And with her resilient attitude, she will undoubtedly accomplish her goal of becoming a doctor.

Emily summed her bright outlook up when she said, “After everything that happened, I think it allowed me to realize how everything can happen so fast and you can’t change it…I think it just makes life more challenging, but I’ve learned to appreciate [it] more.”

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