Roxie The Rockstar Pit Bull

When we posted an article on FB about dog bite injuries featuring the image of a Pit Bull, it generated hate comments by some who assumed we were saying they are bad dogs.

We, being attorneys who represent Dog bite injury claims in Texas and Missouri, do not blame Pit Bulls. As a matter of fact, this is my Pit Bull Roxie who I rescued. I’m Shelley, the Director of Marketing for Mullen & Mullen Law Firm.

So let us reiterate what author John Grogan originally said in the book Marley and Me: Life and Love With the World’s Worst Dog. “There’s no such thing as a bad dog, just a bad owner.”

So please don’t be hating on lawyers because people do get bit by Pit Bulls way more often than other breeds, and it’s tiny Chihuahuas who bite humans the most. It’s unfortunate that negligent, irresponsible owners put some in harm’s way but it happens. And when it does, the victims deserve to be compensated for pain and suffering, lost wages from time off work, expensive medical bills, and sometimes surgery is needed. None of it is cheap. The out of pocket expenses required to deal with catastrophic injuries can force some people into bankruptcy or even homelessness.

If anything like this happens to you then you’ll gain first hand knowledge about why what personal injury lawyers do is important. And maybe you’ll have a little more compassion for us after that. We are not blood sucking “ambulance chasers” like we get accused of being in the hateful comments people sometimes leave. But that’s a very popular misconception about personal injury attorneys.

People rave at us online about being the reason their insurance premiums are so high. For that, you can blame the greed of the insurance companies themselves who are for profit businesses to make their shareholders rich. An insurance agent or adjuster is not your friend in a situation as described above.

Insurance companies are ruthless when it comes to defending themselves against serious injury claims and have dedicated legal departments that work against you to deny or reduce the value of your claim as much as possible. Their goal is to trip you up, get you to make mistakes, and hopefully prevent you from getting anything. And if you were seriously injured because you were bitten or mauled by a dog and require surgery or other major medical care that could possibly even impact the rest of your life, we’ll become your new best friends.

Our job as Personal injury attorneys, representing dog bite victims, is to make sure the deep pocketed insurers don’t take advantage of you and keep you from getting what you rightly, not only deserve, but need in your specific situation. Yes, we profit from championing your rights, not letting those big guys push you around, and settling your claim with them for the maximum amount available. Not for our sakes, but for yours and what is in your best interest. We work hard for our fee to do this and we pay for ourselves. We get you way more money than you could hope to negotiate on your own using our vast experience in dealing with insurance companies.

So instead of getting angry because we happen to be marketing our services online, remember Mullen & Mullen if you get hurt and give us a little love by liking or following us. If you are catastrophically injured in any type of accident and another person or company is at fault, our family will fight for yours. We actually really do care, have been in business for 39 years, and have offices in Dallas, Plano, Frisco, Fort Worth and St. Louis. Our attorneys are licensed for the general practice of law in Texas and Missouri.

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