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Worried about Medical Bills? Stop! Our Personal Injury Lawyers in Grapevine, TX Take Care of You

Say you get rear-ended by a drunk-driver in an accident. Okay, maybe it wasn’t that bad. But, if you’re reading this page, you’ve been hurt by someone else’s carelessness.

Who starts paying all the medical bills? In reality, you get punished for someone else’s careless actions.

They drove drunk. They were texting while driving. They ran the red light. You just happened to be there. So because of their actions, now you have to deal with medical bills, lost time at work, physical pain, fear, worry, uncertainty, and lost time with loved ones. You get punished many times over for the other person’s stupidity.

None of these situations go away fast. But at Mullen & Mullen, we make it easier for you than most law firms.

Stop Worrying about Your Medical Bills and Personal Injury Lawsuit and Focus on Healing

Most personal injury victims have to wonder how they’re going to deal with tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills while their case works its way through the utterly absurd bureaucracy.

Car Accident Attorney Grapevine, TX

Car Accident Attorney Grapevine, TX

Some even are forced to file bankruptcy.

But we have great news for you: we have relationships with medical providers who agree not to bill you anything until you win your case. So you don’t have to worry at all about medical bills, collections, debt, bankruptcy, or hiring a bankruptcy attorney, and all the legal hassles with that…

And instead you can focus on physically recovering, and emotionally healing from the trauma and stress. That’s quite a load off that you don’t get with most law firms, and it comes at no additional cost to you only from Mullen & Mullen.

Our Proven Grapevine, TX Personal Injury Attorneys Work to Get You the Maximum Money You May Deserve

Not having to worry about those medical bills is helpful. But at the end of the day, you really want a personal injury lawyer in Grapevine, TX who has a proven track record of success so you get the most money you’re legally entitled to for your injuries.

Super Lawyers Shane MullenAt Mullen & Mullen, you’re not just in the hands of some of the best personal injury attorneys in Grapevine, TX, but some of the best lawyers in all of Texas. Shane Mullen’s been named a “Super Lawyer Rising Star” (a Thomson Reuters business) in 2014 and 2015. That puts him in the top 2.5% of all Texas personal injury lawyers who are under 40 or have less than 10 years of experience (Google “Shane Mullen Super Lawyer” to see for yourself).

Joseph Morrison, firm partner, won the 5th largest verdict in Texas in 2012. And Regis Mullen, Shane’s dad, used to work for the insurance companies. So he knows how they try to screw you, and the perfect counter strategies to make sure they fork over all the cash they should.

Pay Only When You Win – Get Your Free Consultation Today

At Mullen & Mullen, you risk absolutely nothing when you contact us. There’s absolutely zero pressure to hire us. You pay only when your case wins.

And if it settles out of court (90% of cases do) and you mention you found us through this website, we’ll even cut your case fee from the normal 33.3% to 28.0% (unless it involves dangerous drug injuries).

All information you share stays 100% confidential because it’s legally protected by the “attorney-client privilege.” Call (817) 768-6680

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