When Should You Look for a Flower Mound, TX Car Accident Attorney?

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You got hurt in a car accident. The police report clearly shows the other driver was at fault.

But you’d rather not involve lawyers and the legal system. That takes time. And it makes  your life more complicated.

But you wonder if you might be leaving thousands of dollars on the table. Money you could use to pay off all the bills you’re going to rack up.

You’re an honest person. You don’t want to “take the other guy to the cleaners” and take more than you deserve. But you should get what the law says is yours to cover your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and possible future medical bills related to your injury.

So you’re on the fence…should you call a personal injury attorney in Flower Mound,TX or not?

When Doesn’t it Make Sense to Call a Flower Mound Car Accident Attorney?

Car Accident Lawyer in Flower Mound, TXIt’s actually a rare situation where it doesn’t make sense to at least call a personal injury attorney.

One situation could be when you’ve exhausted the limits of the other person’s insurance policy. They may, or may not, have additional assets you can go after.

Another could be minor injuries (but you should be careful in this situation). If you have minor bruising or a headache, and you’re highly confident that’s all those injuries will ever be, it can make sense to settle your case now.

But, what if those injuries turn into something more severe weeks or months from now, as is often the case with injuries from car accidents? Settle now, and you may be stuck paying medical bills for years that you shouldn’t have to.

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It’s a wise idea to at least call a personal injury lawyer near Flower Mound, TX even if you are in a minor car accident. First, the initial consultation’s free. So you pay nothing to find out if you could receive thousands more in compensation. And if it looks like there’s no sense in filing a claim, you have the peace of mind that you made the right decision, given the facts of your situation.

On the other hand, you could find out you should get thousands more for pain and suffering. Or maybe you should get compensation for future medical bills. Or maybe it turns out the offending party or their insurer intended on screwing you out of money all along.

At Mullen & Mullen, our experienced personal injury lawyers are happy to review the facts of your case for free.

Simply call (214) 747-5240 today. There’s absolutely no pressure to use our legal services. And we’ll keep all the information you share 100% confidential.

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