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rear end car accidentHurt in an accident caused by someone else? Your family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers say “Get an attorney.” But not all car accident attorneys are the same. Not by a long shot.

Hire the wrong Desoto, TX personal injury attorney, and you have to deal with someone who makes you feel like an idiot for asking questions. Your phone calls are not returned. You may even miss out on thousands of dollars you could need if you were injured.

Yes, missing out on thousands of dollars you might be entitled to does happen. In some extreme cases, inexperienced, unskilled, or uncaring attorneys settle what should be million-dollar cases for just a few thousand (in the profession, those places are called “settlement mills”).

Get the Money You Fairly Deserve for Your Injuries – No More, No Less

But don’t think this means we’re telling you to take advantage and get as much as you can squeeze out of the other person. We’re not promising you a massive pay-day or your opportunity to “cash in” on millions for what’s fairly a $10,000 case.

We are saying the law legally entitles you to certain compensation for specific things that happen to you. After all, if someone runs a red light, and hits you, and you have to miss work for 2-3 months, shouldn’t you be paid for that time since it’s not your fault?

Your bills don’t suddenly stop because someone else hurt you.

And what about your medical bills? Who should be responsible for those? Then you have pain and suffering, time lost with loved ones, and perhaps more doctor visits and medical bills for several years yet.

That’s how differences are settled these days – in court with material compensation. Usually through someone else’s insurance. And sometimes by going after their personal assets (although that’s rare).

Mullen & Mullen Has Among the Best Car Accident Attorneys Serving Desoto, TX

We can’t say we’re “the best.” Defining “the best” is hard. And besides, it’s arrogant.

We can say with humble confidence that we are among the best car accident attorneys Desoto, TX has to offer.

Super Lawyers Shane MullenJust check for yourself:

  • Google “Shane Mullen Super Lawyers.” A “Super Lawyer Rising Star” (a Thomson Reuters business) award is reserved for the top 2.5% of all lawyers under 40 or with less than 10 years of experience. You can’t pay to get this award. Instead, you have to go through a rigorous 12-point selection process, and you can’t self-nominate. Shane is a “Super Lawyer Rising Star” for both 2014 and 2015.
  • Google “Joseph R Morrison 5th premises liability 2012.” Don’t click on the first search result – that sends you right back to our site. Check out some of the other results. A Senior Associate Attorney with us, Joseph won the 5th largest premises liability verdict in the entire state of Texas that year. No case is too big for him to take on.
  • Google “Mullen and Mullen Dallas” and check out our nearly perfect Google reviews. It’s super hard to earn high ratings because people are so fearlessly honest online.
  • Finally, Regis Mullen, Shane’s father, used to work for insurance companies for years. So he knows precisely how to counter every single one of their defenses and get you the maximum compensation you deserve.

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