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You just got hurt in a car accident because another driver chose to drive irresponsibly.

It happens. It’s part of life. While you’re in pain, can’t work, and have a lot of stress to deal with, at least you’re going to be okay.

But financially, everything’s a mess. And now you have to deal with the other person’s insurance company.

You shouldn’t do it on your own. Because the insurance company’s out to get you, if you let them.

Don’t put up with their behavior!

The idea behind insurance is that you pay a monthly or annual premium for a guarantee of compensation for a specific loss.

In theory, insurance sounds pretty good. But in reality, they have to make a profit off someone. And since you have the least power in any situation, they’re going to make it off you, but only if you let them.

Don’t Fall for the “Nice Guy Routine” You Get from the Other Guy’s Claims Adjuster

Ideally, you call a personal injury lawyer in Colleyville, TX as soon as you can after the accident. But sometimes you report the accident to the other insurance company without considering all the consequences.

So that leads to discussions with the claims adjuster. It’s quite possible the claims adjuster is one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet.

But don’t buy it. Not for one second. It’s all an act.

Car Accident Lawyer in Colleyville, TXThe claims adjuster’s job is to settle your claim as quickly as possible for as little as they can. They get paid more as they settle your claim faster and for lower amounts.

So they’re exceedingly nice. Because they know that you’re more likely to respond in kind saying, ”Oh. I think that’s fair.” And they’ll get you your money to you fast – this week even.

You see, they know the Texas statute of limitations runs out in 2 years. So if they get you to settle now, and on the cheap, you can never pursue compensation again. In most cases, that saves them money. Because many times, more injuries and expenses become clear weeks or months after the accident.

So, That’s Why You Call Mullen & Mullen’s Car Accident Lawyers near Colleyville, TX Instead

We’re honest guys. We want to see you get the full compensation you might deserve. We’re nice to you, the client. But we’re not so nice to the insurance companies!

And our personal injury lawyers have the legal skills required to settle a claim for the maximum financial compensation the injuries deserve:

Super Lawyers Shane MullenShane Mullen’s been named a 2014 and 2015 Texas “Super Lawyers Rising Star” (a Thomson Reuters business). That means he ranks in the top 2.5% of all lawyers in Texas under 40 or with less than 10 years of experience.

Regis Mullen, his father, has decades of experience. Initially, he worked for the insurance companies. But he had a change of heart. So now he knows how to counter every one of their tactics with honest and ethical legal practices.

Joseph R. Morrison, firm partner, won the 5th largest premises liability verdict in Texas in 2012. He’s fearless, willing to take on big cases that make the limelight.

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