Hurt in a Vehicle? You Need a Carrollton, TX Car Accident Attorney

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So you were hit by a careless driver. Now you face all kinds of problems and inconveniences.

Car Accident Lawyer in Carrollton, TXYou can’t go to work because you’re in too much pain. So now you can’t pay your bills either. And if you can’t work too long, you’ll start having bill collectors on your case.

Your spouse has to take time off their job to take you to doctors. Doctors give you differing medical opinions. Then you have even more medical bills to pay.

You can’t do the things you enjoy without extreme pain. Some of your favorite things you can’t do at all. You can’t spend as much time playing with your kids.

If your injuries last too much longer, you won’t be able to make your mortgage or car payments. And then what could happen?

You shouldn’t have to pay for all of this. You were driving responsibly, and the other driver hit you!

You Need a Carrollton, TX Car Accident Attorney Who Will to Go for the Maximum Compensation You May Deserve

Some things happen in life that aren’t your responsibility. And this car accident was one of them.

In America, we solve those situations in court. And the injured party gets paid a fair amount for the inconvenience caused in their lives.

And a lot of the amount you get depends in large part on the skill of the personal injury lawyer representing your case. Hire an unskilled, careless, or inexperienced attorney, and you won’t get as much as you could by hiring the best.

There’s 3 potential types of personal injury attorneys/firms you can hire out there:

  1. Big firms have lots of resources. But…insider’s secret here: while you meet with an experienced senior attorney, inexperienced junior attorneys often do the real work on your case.
  2. Popular firms from TV or radio usually make their money on volume. So they process cases as fast as possible to make a profit. And much of the time, you don’t get anywhere near the maximum compensation you deserve.
  3. Small firms are hit and miss. Some can’t wait to get your money. Others offer you personal service and really care about winning your case.

Super Lawyers Shane MullenMullen & Mullen’s Car Accident Lawyers are Among the Best near Carrollton, TX

Mullen & Mullen is a small firm of 3 of the very best personal injury lawyers representing in Carrollton,, TX. Shane Mullen’s been named a “Super Lawyer Rising Star” for 2014 and 2015 (a Thomson Reuters business), ranking him in the top 2.5% of all lawyers in Texas under 40 or with less than 10 years of experience. Regis Mullen, his dad, used to work for insurance companies. So he knows their sneaky tricks and how to counter them. Joseph R. Morrison, firm partner, won the 5th biggest premises liability case in Texas in 2012.

You only pay a percentage of your case’s final settlement value when you win.

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