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What Happens When You Slip and Fall on Government Property?

The personal injury lawsuit game changes a lot when you’re hurt on government property. Find out why and what you can do so you get fair compensation.
You’re walking down the street to nearby city hall. As you go, you cross over from private property occupied by a business to government property.

Even though you’ve moved forward just another couple feet, your slip-and-fall happened while on government property.

And now the rules change. A lot.

Texas government has written itself special rules to reduce liability in such cases. You could make the argument this reduces the burden on taxpayers.

…But it also means you have much more difficulty recovering fair compensation if you slip and fall on government property.

Here’s what’s different:
Far Shorter Time to File Your Claim
Called the “statute of limitations,” you have two years to file your claim when injured on private property.

However, when you suffer an injury on government property, this falls to […]

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$250,000 Settlement by Attorney for Leg Injury from Fall in Dallas, TX

Outstanding gross recovery of $250,000 by attorney on case where client’s medical bills were below $25,000 for leg laceration fall injury in Dallas, TX.
Our client was an Invitee at a car wash in Dallas, Texas. She suffered a fall that resulted in a deep laceration to her left leg. Her fall was the direct result of a dangerous condition on the premises. She had to seek emergency medical treatment due to the serious nature of the injuries she sustained.

Comments from Attorney Joseph Morrison: This client suffered a significant cut that left her with a deep linear laceration that extended from her posterior calf to her anterior lower leg. The leg laceration had to be irrigated and closed by a surgeon. The surgeon noted that there was no obvious major neurovascular injury in the operative report, but the client had consistent and persistent complaints of numbness and tingling in her leg […]

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What Damages Can I Recover for My Slip and Fall Injury?

Hurt in a slip-and-fall because of someone else’s negligence? Find out what you may be able to recover, depending on where you injury happened.
What can you get for your injuries?

We could write a whole book on this subject.

Do know that a lot of it depends on the skill and experience of your lawyer. Work with a rookie straight out of law school, which does happen at volume firms, and you can end up with a lot less than what you might get with an experienced lawyer at a small private firm.

Take a look at various types of places you can get hurt at, and what monetary damages you might be able to recover:
A Slip-and-Fall on Private Commercial Property Open to the Public
Let’s start with the most common injury: you’re legally on someone else’s private property, usually a large store of some kind. You slip, fall, and get hurt.

Fortunately for you, […]

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What You Need for a Successful Slip And Fall Suit

Slip and fall accidents happen. If one happens to you, make sure you understand these key points to winning your injury claim so you know what to expect.
You’re on someone else’s property. You slip. You fall. You’re hurt.

Does the property owner owe you compensation?


You need to show the following to win your claim:
That the Property Owner Owed You a Duty of Care
Property owners have different responsibilities for those on their premises. This depends on your status while on their property:

Invitee: Property owners must show you a duty of care because they’ve invited you to be on their property. Usually, you’re a customer or a client.
Licensee: In this case, you’re on the property with permission, but the property isn’t open to the general public. An example would be inviting a professional to perform a repair.
Trespasser: Property owners have no duty of care for trespassers. However, they may not […]

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Attorney Settles Shoulder Injury Slip & Fall in Dallas, TX for $125,000

$125,000 gross recovery for shoulder injury slip and fall in Dallas, TX. Outstanding settlement by attorney at over three times the incurred medical bills.
Our client was injured in a slip and fall at a truck stop in Dallas, Texas. In the process of falling he sustained a tear in his left shoulder that eventually required surgery. The client resided in Oklahoma.

Comments from Attorney Joseph Morrison: Our client did not have health insurance. Our injury law firm has long-standing relationships with medical providers throughout the State of Texas and we are routinely able to assist uninsured clients in receiving the medical attention they need and deserve.

In this particular case the client sustained a significant injury and I had to locate medical providers in another state – Oklahoma – who would be willing to agree to delay billing our client until the conclusion of his case. Mullen & Mullen has been fighting […]

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$100,000 Settlement for Concussion Injury Trip & Fall Accident in Plano, TX

Outstanding settlement by attorney for client with less than $15,000 in recoverable medical bills.
Our client was walking in an outdoor area of a shopping center headed towards a retail establishment. His right foot hit a nail that was sticking up out of the pavement causing him to trip and fall forward. His head hit the pavement and paramedics were called to the scene to transport him to the emergency room.

Comments from Attorney Joseph Morrison: The shopping center failed to maintain a safe environment for its guests.  The nail sticking out of the pavement was a hazard that obviously resulted from prior maintenance in the area. The hazard, a hidden defect, should have been removed immediately, or at a bare minimum a warning sign should have been placed near it to warn of the danger.

Remember: Our client was an Invitee and owed the maximum protection under Texas law. He entered the […]

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The Top Conditions Leading to Slip and Fall Injury Claims

What conditions cause the most slip and fall injuries? Find out how to avoid getting hurt in this post from the attorneys at Mullen & Mullen.
It’s that time of year again. The weather is slowly cooling down. And before you know it, winter is going to be upon us. That leads perfectly into the first condition that causes many slip and fall injuries:
Ice and Snow
Slip and fall injuries involving these elements happen most commonly in parking lots and on sidewalks. In regard to the law, there’s no specifically defined time limits or accumulation limits before a property owner becomes “negligent.” In fact, the real question under current law appears to be whether the ice or snow resulted from natural accumulation or unnatural accumulation.

Many courts are hesitant to allow the recovery of damages if the ice or snow that caused the slip and fall injury was the result of natural accumulation, i.e. […]

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Precautions to Prevent Being Sued for a Slip and Fall Injury

Check out these tips to see how businesses can take simple steps to prevent slip and fall injuries and lawsuits from happening.
You hear about slips and falls all the time. But how common are they really?

According to the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI), slips-and-falls account for 1 million emergency room visits, or 12% of total falls.

So yes, they are a common problem.

For senior citizens, they’re also a leading cause of injury-related death. You don’t want to find yourself facing a wrongful death lawsuit because of a simple, and preventable slip-and-fall accident.
How can you protect yourself from slip-and-fall lawsuits?
Here’s what to do:

Identify, Fix and Warn About Dangerous Conditions

According to the NFSI, most slip-and-falls happen on hazardous surfaces, both indoors and outdoors – 55%, in fact.

So if you’re a business, when you clean floors, make sure you put up appropriate warning signage. Fill in those potholes and cracks. Look for and repair/improve […]

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How Long Do You Have to Bring Forth a Slip and Fall Claim?

You slip, fall, get hurt, and think it’s someone else’s fault. How long do you have to file your injury claim? It depends on where you got hurt. Find out more in this post.
You slip. You fall. You’re injured.

How long do you have to take action on that if you want to file an injury claim?

It depends on where you fell.
Lesson #1: Procrastination Jeopardizes Your Settlement Amount and Possibly If You Can Recover Anything
Regardless of where you fall in Texas, it’s not something you want to procrastinate on. You don’t want to wait to pile up all your medical bills first. You can successfully negotiate a settlement for all future damages via a settlement now.

It’s a scary process too. But, you’re only going to harm your slip and fall case if you wait. Judges and juries think that honest premises liability injury victims act quickly. If you delay, that harms […]

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The Top Reason Slip-and-Fall Cases Are Not Successful

What’s the main reason slip-and-fall cases fail? Find out in this post so you don’t have to worry about losing your injury claim.
What would be worse than slipping, falling, missing time from work, racking up a pile of medical bills, and then finding out you’re not able to win your injury claim, even though it’s 100% someone else’s fault?

It can happen in slip-and-fall cases. And it’s more likely when you have an inexperienced personal injury lawyer.
What Is the Top Reason Slip-and-Fall Claims Get Denied?
In one sentence: proof of notice of a dangerous condition.

Most Defendants argue they didn’t have actual or constructive notice of the dangerous condition that caused the injuries. Defendants simply say, ”I did not know about the dangerous condition. And it’s not my fault that I didn’t know. There is no way I could have known. I don’t know how long the dangerous condition was present.”
How Do You Show […]

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