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2018 Accident & Injury Scholarship Winner

We are pleased to announce the winner for our 2018 Regis L. Mullen Accident & Injury Scholarship: Desiree Graziano. Below is her story.
It was March 1st, 2002 and I was patiently waiting for my current boyfriend to come home to go out to dinner with our friends.  It was getting late, so I proceeded to go to his house to look for him.  At around 8:25 I was driving on County Rt 26A when apparently a deer ran out in front of my car. I swerved so I didn’t hit the deer, but struck a telephone pole, rolled my car and was ejected out the back window.  I don’t remember any of this, this is what I am told happened. I awoke in Albany Medical hospital on March 19th after being in a medically induced coma and in ICU this entire time, to find out that I had been in […]

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How Self-Driving Vehicles May Affect Future Personal Injury Law

Self-driving cars will own the highways of the future. But that brings about many complex legal situations. Learn how this could affect personal injury law.
Cars can actually drive themselves legally in specific areas of California, Texas, Arizona, Washington, Pennsylvania, and Michigan.

When they’ll actually be on the road 24/7/365 driving in even the most treacherous of conditions, though, is another subject. Lior Ron, the co-founder of Otto, a self-driving tech company, predicts it will happen in baby steps slowly over time.

First, it will become available in the city during low-traffic hours (1-5 AM), only using wide traffic lanes, and in places where you don’t find many pedestrians. Then, as the technology increases in sophistication, more difficult driving conditions will be accommodated.

And eventually, cars will drive themselves completely during all hours of the day. And they won’t even have gas or brake pedals. But, that time may be decades away yet.

Regardless of […]

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When Can Independent Contractors Get Workers’ Comp?

Independent contractors can get workers’ comp in one fairly common situation. Learn what it is and what to do in this post.
You can never get worker’s comp if you’re an independent contractor, right? Not quite. There is one situation where you can. If you’re an “independent contractor” in name only.

For example, your company calls you an “independent contractor” and has you sign a W9, but they really treat you like an employee.

It’s actually common. It happens in the trades a lot. And it’s getting more common because for office workers because of the explosion in remote working.

The IRS doesn’t like it too much because it gets companies out of paying taxes, while depriving workers of rights. For example, this Government Accountability Office report says the IRS missed out on $1.6 billion in tax dollars in 1984. That’s $3.664 billion in 2015 dollars. On top of that, a Department of Labor report suggests […]

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Things We Put in Your Demand Letter to Maximize Your Settlement

Your demand letter may be your most powerful negotiating tool. Learn how we construct it to position your personal injury claim in the strongest way possible.
Your demand letter is possibly the most critical tool in the settlement negotiations process.

Don’t worry – you won’t be writing it. Your personal injury lawyer will because it’s critical to present all the facts and circumstances in a way that positions you well.

We’re not talking about manipulation or exaggeration here. This is a settlement tool we need to use on your behalf to make sure you don’t get run over by the insurance company.

Once we’ve compiled all the information and facts about your injury case (all medical bills and records, any necessary witness affidavits, etc.), we can create your demand letter.

Here are some tactics that might be used to craft the strongest possible demand letter on your behalf:
The Individual Facts of Your Case
The insurance company […]

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Attorney Settles Drunk Driving Injury Accident in Denton, TX for $52,500

$52,500 gross recovery for right shoulder injury caused by a drunk driving accident in Denton, TX. Outstanding settlement for client injured by a negligent driver.
Our client was traveling northbound on S. Bonnie Brae in Denton, Texas. A drunk driver, not paying attention, failed to control his speed and timely apply his brakes. The drunk driver caused his vehicle to collide with the rear of our client’s automobile and subsequently fled the scene, before he was arrested for driving while intoxicated.

Comments from Attorney Joseph Morrison: Since the at-fault motorist was  drunk, our client was entitled to punitive damages based on his reckless conduct. Drinking, driving, and injuring someone is bad enough. Fleeing the scene after doing so is just flat deplorable. I let the adjuster know, during our very first phone call, that Denton jurors would not take kindly to that sort of conduct.

Our client sustained injuries to her neck, back, […]

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Attorney Settles Foot Work Injury in Dallas, TX for $123,500

$123,500 gross recovery for right foot work injury in Dallas, TX. Great settlement by attorney on case where the client’s medical bills were under $15,000.
Our client, a truck driver, went to pick up a load at a warehouse in Dallas, Texas. He was waiting by his truck while a warehouse employee picked up pallets with a forklift to load them. As the warehouse employee picked up the last pallet with the forklift he cut the wheel too sharp and caused the back end of the forklift to run over our client’s right foot. Our client’s manager took him to a health clinic when he returned to his place of business. Since our client was hurt on the job he filed a Workers’ Compensation claim.

Remember: Often times you can simultaneously pursue a Workers’ Compensation claim and a personal injury claim. This particular client was able to pursue a Workers’ Compensation claim […]

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Tristen Sharp Wins Our 2017 Scholarship

Inspirational Teen, Tristen Sharp, Receives 2017 Regis L. Mullen $2,500 Accident Injury Scholarship
Mt. Vernon, Illinois teen Tristen Sharp suffered life-changing injuries after being struck by a negligent driver. But she’s not letting that stop her from succeeding in life. And now, she’s headed to college to pursue her dreams.
Dallas, TX April 6, 2017 – Leading personal injury law firm Mullen & Mullen has named Tristen Sharp the 2017 winner of its accident injury scholarship. Tristen will receive $2,500 to attend the college of her choice, which she recently decided would be Illinois State University.

“Tristen’s story inspires me and serves as an amazing example for all injury victims to follow. That includes anyone who suffers unjust hardship too, for that matter. Her attitude is more fitting for someone three times her age. I’m not sure I would have thought like she did in the same situation. With her strong spirit and […]

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Attorney Settles Dog Bite Injury for $25,000: Learn Your Legal Duties as a Dog Owner

$25,000 gross recovery for dog bite injury in Frisco, TX. Fantastic settlement by attorney for client who suffered puncture wounds that fully healed.
Our client was walking on a residential sidewalk in Frisco, Texas. A dog was tethered to a tree in a homeowner’s yard but unfortunately the leash had too much slack. The homeowner’s negligence allowed the dog to charge and bite our client as she walked by the house. The homeowner was cited for failure to properly restrain his dog. Our client was transported via ambulance to the hospital where multiple puncture wounds were noted.

Comments from Attorney Joseph Morrison: Dog bite law really is a fascinating area. The central issue is whether the at-fault party knew of a prior biting incident/attack or had prior knowledge of the canine acting aggressively. Texas, therefore, follows the “one bite rule.”

Exceptions apply though. For example, some dog breeds, such as a Pit Bull, […]

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Lump-Sum Versus Structured Settlement: What to Know

When you win a lawsuit, you can take your money in a single lump sum or slowly over time as a structured settlement. Learn the pros and cons of each approach.
You may have heard that lottery winners can take their award in a single lump sum, or slowly over time. And you might also have heard that they get taxed much higher when they take their money in a single sum.

Personal injury settlements work similarly, although they do have some differences.

Let me explain the facts:
You Most Likely Won’t Get Taxed
In the majority of cases, any funds you receive from a personal injury settlement are not income and, therefore, not taxed.

However, those lovable individuals at the IRS (yes, sarcasm intended) do have a few exceptions to this. If you like reading tax code, you can learn more at the IRS website.

One such exception is:

If you deducted any medical expenses in prior […]

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Might You Need to File Bankruptcy During a Personal Injury Case?

The truth is yes, you may need to file bankruptcy during a personal injury case. But that’s not necessarily a given. Learn more from Mullen & Mullen.
So you’re severely hurt, and it’s clearly because of someone else’s negligence. You can’t work at all, and it’ll be months before you can start again.

But, your personal injury lawyer tells you it’s still likely going to be months before you recover compensation for your injuries. And there’s no guarantee on that time-frame. You also learn it could be a year, or a couple years, before the legal process finishes.

During that time, all the businesses you owe money to don’t magically say, ”Oh, we’re so sorry to hear you’re not able to work. You know what? Since you’re such a great customer, the next 6 months are on us. Send us a check for the rest when things get better.”

Nope, instead they still demand payment, […]

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