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Attorney Settles Dog Bite Injury for $25,000: Learn Your Legal Duties as a Dog Owner

$25,000 gross recovery for dog bite injury in Frisco, TX. Fantastic settlement by attorney for client who suffered puncture wounds that fully healed.
Our client was walking on a residential sidewalk in Frisco, Texas. A dog was tethered to a tree in a homeowner’s yard but unfortunately the leash had too much slack. The homeowner’s negligence allowed the dog to charge and bite our client as she walked by the house. The homeowner was cited for failure to properly restrain his dog. Our client was transported via ambulance to the hospital where multiple puncture wounds were noted.

Comments from Attorney Joseph Morrison: Dog bite law really is a fascinating area. The central issue is whether the at-fault party knew of a prior biting incident/attack or had prior knowledge of the canine acting aggressively. Texas, therefore, follows the “one bite rule.”

Exceptions apply though. For example, some dog breeds, such as a Pit Bull, […]

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Lump-Sum Versus Structured Settlement: What to Know

When you win a lawsuit, you can take your money in a single lump sum or slowly over time as a structured settlement. Learn the pros and cons of each approach.
You may have heard that lottery winners can take their award in a single lump sum, or slowly over time. And you might also have heard that they get taxed much higher when they take their money in a single sum.

Personal injury settlements work similarly, although they do have some differences.

Let me explain the facts:
You Most Likely Won’t Get Taxed
In the majority of cases, any funds you receive from a personal injury settlement are not income and, therefore, not taxed.

However, those lovable individuals at the IRS (yes, sarcasm intended) do have a few exceptions to this. If you like reading tax code, you can learn more at the IRS website.

One such exception is:

If you deducted any medical expenses in prior […]

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Might You Need to File Bankruptcy During a Personal Injury Case?

The truth is yes, you may need to file bankruptcy during a personal injury case. But that’s not necessarily a given. Learn more from Mullen & Mullen.
So you’re severely hurt, and it’s clearly because of someone else’s negligence. You can’t work at all, and it’ll be months before you can start again.

But, your personal injury lawyer tells you it’s still likely going to be months before you recover compensation for your injuries. And there’s no guarantee on that time-frame. You also learn it could be a year, or a couple years, before the legal process finishes.

During that time, all the businesses you owe money to don’t magically say, ”Oh, we’re so sorry to hear you’re not able to work. You know what? Since you’re such a great customer, the next 6 months are on us. Send us a check for the rest when things get better.”

Nope, instead they still demand payment, […]

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Writing a Demand Letter to Maximize an Injury Settlement

A demand letter is a powerful negotiating tool. Find out how our personal injury lawyers write one to help maximize an injury settlement.
Your demand letter is possibly the most critical tool in the settlement negotiations process besides your lawyer themselves.

Don’t worry, you won’t be writing it. Your lawyer will because it’s critical to present all the facts and circumstances in a way that positions you well.

We’re not talking about manipulation or exaggeration here. This is a settlement tool we need to use on your behalf to make sure you don’t get run over by the insurance company.

Once we’ve compiled all the information and facts about your case (all medical bills and records, any necessary witness affidavits, etc.), we can create your demand letter.

Here’s some tactics that might be used to craft the strongest possible demand letter on your behalf:

The Individual Facts of Your Case

The insurance company will always […]

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Should You Get Compensation for Pain & Suffering? If So, How?

How does compensation for “pain and suffering” work? It’s pretty murky. You should have a good personal injury lawyer.
You get hurt in a car accident. And of course it’s going to cause you plenty of mental distress.

You’ve heard about people in other lawsuits who seek money for “pain and suffering.” You know the stereotypes associated with those damages.

So should you, in your unique situation, be entitled to recover damages for “pain and suffering?”

How can anyone put a dollar amount on your personal level of pain and suffering anyway?

As you may already have guessed, this is not a clear or easy-to-resolve issue. We can’t say how your situation will play out. But, we can give you the basics of how “pain and suffering” usually works.

What Factors Affect How Much You May Recover for “Pain and Suffering?”

Here are a few factors that can impact damages for pain and suffering:

How severe your […]

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Attorney Settles Apartment Complex Accident Injury in Fort Worth, TX for $85,000

$85,000 gross recovery for injury following premises liability accident at apartment complex in Fort Worth, TX. Outstanding settlement by attorney for client injured when a portion of her living room roof collapsed.
Our client was injured in the living room of the apartment she rented in Fort Worth, Texas. She sustained her injuries when a portion of the ceiling collapsed and struck her head, neck and shoulders, causing her to fall. She had to be taken to the hospital by ambulance.

Comments from Attorney Joseph Morrison: I moved quickly to secure the evidence necessary to demonstrate apartment complex employees and management were negligent. Our Dallas injury attorneys obtained evidence of a prior roof repair in the kitchen of the apartment unit. This suggested that, had apartment complex employees performed a thorough inspection of the premises at the time of the prior repair, they would have discovered the living room also had structural integrity issues.

Remember: […]

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Construction Work Injury Accident Settles for $907,500

Outstanding $907,500 settlement by attorneys for an injured worker who didn’t have health insurance. Construction accident resulted in a lumbar spine injury and foot/ankle injury that both required emergency surgery.
Our client was injured when he fell from a substantial height while working on a large construction project due to a board not being properly secured. He was rushed to the hospital and underwent two emergency surgeries. He was left with hardware in both his spine and foot/ankle.

Remember: If you have been injured in a construction accident it is imperative to contact an attorney as soon as possible. Many projects involve countless contractors and subcontractors. These parties need to be quickly identified to best protect your legal rights.

Comments from Attorney Joseph Morrison: It was obvious from the onset that our client had suffered truly significant injuries. He didn’t have health insurance and our first order of business was assisting him to […]

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Why You Don’t Have to Give a Recorded Statement to the Insurance Company When Asked

The insurance company wants you to give them a recorded statement. But, you don’t have to give them one! Find out when you should and shouldn’t in this post.
By this time in your life, you’ve probably given at least one recorded statement to an insurance company before.

Did you know you don’t have to do that at all?

Yes, the claims adjuster comes into the situation and approaches it like they make all the rules. They don’t give you a choice. They recite what they have to and ask you to give a recorded statement about your car accident.

Here’s the thing: they know most people say “yes” because they feel obligated to.

But, there’s no written law anywhere that says you have to. It doesn’t exist in Texas. And the Federal Government has not written any such law. It simply does not exist.

The Big Problem with Giving Recorded Statements to Insurance Companies…

Insurance companies […]

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Does Worker’s Comp Cover Telecommuters?

Telecommuters suffer workplace injuries too – but do employers have to cover them with worker’s comp?
A construction worker falls off some poorly built scaffolding. He breaks his leg and severely sprains his ankle. A truck driver at a work site hits another worker. He’s bruised and battered, but thankfully he’ll be okay.

You work at a computer from home all day. Your wrists hurt too badly to keep typing. Or your back is too sore to sit in an office chair, so you need to see the doctor.

Everyone thinks of construction site injuries as one of the most common types of worker’s compensation injuries.

But what about the growing telecommuting force?

This chart shows 1.8 million people telecommuted to work in 2005. That number doubled to slightly more than 3.6 million in 2014, accounting for 2.5% of our nation’s total workforce.

And that trend’s expected to grow explosively over the next 10 years.

So there’s […]

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Why You Should Care about Assumption of Risk

In any potential personal injury situation, the defendant may be able to use an “assumption of risk” defense. Learn what it is and how it works.
It’s easy to think that, based on what you see on the news and investigative reporting, most personal injury suits are frivolous.

The truth? Some certainly are. That’s just a fraction though.

But most aren’t. Again, the media distorts our reality.

Legally, there is a defense the other party can use called “the assumption of risk.”

This means that if you “knew, or should have known” something was dangerous or wrong, you can’t recover money for your injuries.

So let’s say you’re at your friend’s house in the winter, and you decide it’s a good idea to sled off the roof into a snow bank. You can’t sue them if you break an arm. Or if you go hiking together and you severely sprain your ankle, you can’t sue them […]

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