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What Injuries Qualify for Workers’ Compensation?

Workers’ comp gets tricky and confusing. Learn which kinds of injuries are and are not covered in this post.
You’re at work at your construction job. A truck driver backs over your foot. That’s an obvious work-related injury. Workers’ comp has to cover it.

Now, let’s say you’re getting depressed. The people you work with aren’t the nicest human beings. Fights and arguments are common where you work.  You don’t like what you do all that much.

Does worker’s compensation cover your depression?

Workers’ Compensation Covers Injuries that Happen on the Job

Not all on-the-job injuries are covered by workers’ compensation (more on that in a second), but most are. Generally, if you’re doing something related to your employment, and you get injured, you should be covered by workers’ compensation.

Anything at your physical workplace should be covered. If you’re injured while traveling for work, or if you’re at a conference, or you run to the […]

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How Post-Judgment Money Collection Works

You won your lawsuit, but will you actually receive your check? Find out how the process of collecting money after the judgment works.
90% of injury cases settle without going to trial, but if yours does involve litigation, here’s how the money is collected.

After months, maybe even years, of long and hard work, you’ve finally won your lawsuit. So when’s your check going to come?

It’d be great if you got it as soon as possible. But remember, your personal injury lawyer has processes to go through yet.

Let me explain how it works:

First, The Defendant Must Let Their Right to Appeal Pass

After the verdict, the defendant has 30 days to file an appeal. Appeals rarely happen, so you don’t have to worry about them. But it is their legal right. So it may take at least another 30 days before you get your check.

Will the Debtor File Bankruptcy?

Many times, […]

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Can Personal Injury Lawyers Legally Chase Ambulances?

You’ve heard of lawyers called “ambulance chasers.” But can they actually engage in that behavior? Learn the truth in this post.
Have you ever heard someone call a personal injury lawyer an “ambulance chaser?”

We personal injury lawyers don’t take very kindly to this joke!

Kidding… we have a laugh at it too. You can’t take yourself too seriously, you know.

And besides, the way some lawyers work, the crude nickname is earned.

But do some lawyers have a way of doing this? Can they “chase ambulances” and literally hunt their next client down?

Legal Ethics Bar Anything Like this from Happening

The American Bar Association (ABA) has created “Model Rules for Professional Conduct.”

These rules strictly guide how lawyers can solicit clients. You can read the strict professional language regulating this behavior at the ABA’s website.

And if you want the simple version, we’ll kept it short and sweet for you:

Lawyers can’t use real-time electronic contact, the telephone, […]

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How Good Personal Injury Lawyers Fight Insurance Carriers

Good attorneys fight big insurance companies that attempt to bully injured victims. Learn how skilled lawyers stand their ground.
Insurance companies are big. They’re bad. They don’t care.

Sometimes they can be reasonable. But many times they’re not. It’s no different than the big bully that harasses all the other kids on the playground.

Make no mistake about it. Insurance companies do throw their weight around when possible.

It’s one of the reasons you shouldn’t negotiate with them on your own. They might even threaten to appeal any verdict you might obtain.

For example, they might say, ”This is our final offer. Take it or leave it. If you don’t accept, sue us. Even if you win at trial we will appeal any verdict.”

They have lots of money. They know how the legal game works. You don’t.

Need I say more?

What do Experienced Personal Injury Attorneys do to stand up to these bullies?

They Do Thorough […]

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How Much Do Personal Injury Lawyers Charge?

How much will a skilled personal injury lawyer charge you? Can you even afford one? Aren’t lawyers expensive? Find out in this post.
Can you afford a personal injury lawyer? Hint: if you can’t, the lawyer you’re considering isn’t charging you the customary type of fee for their services.

The practice of charging a “contingency fee” in personal injury cases actually goes back centuries to England. The standard for most personal injury lawyers since then has been 33 1/3% – paid after you win your case.

Even though most lawyers charge a contingency fee of 33 1/3%, there are a few other differences you’ll bump into as you talk to Dallas personal injury lawyers.

It’s very important to ask your lawyer precisely how they charge. And if you run into any evasive answers, or if you encounter some of the situations below, you should immediately thank them for their time and go on with your […]

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Our Top 10 List for Personal Injury News – March 2016

The web is loaded with legal news. Where can you find some of the top personal injury headlines and information? Check out this list: – Great for Everything Personal Injury, Or Any Other Legal Topic for that Matter

This link takes you to their personal injury section, which covers just about every aspect of personal injury possible. Note that they often use the more formal term, “tort” to refer to personal injury. It’s great if you want to know about any other area of law too. Go there now

American Bar Association – Good for Basics

Who better for good legal information than the American Bar Association? They’re also keen enough to write in simple, understandable language, rather than “lawyer speak.” This link takes you to their personal injury section, with many answers to common questions. Check it out

Negotiating a Settlement Without a Lawyer?

Do you have one of those cases […]

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How We Prove Your Injuries (Including Steps You Need to Take)

Personal injury claims aren’t always easy to prove. But they can be – especially if you collect plenty of evidence. Find out what to do in this post.
Fault is the main point of disagreement in just about every personal injury claim.

If the defending party can show you were at least partially responsible for your injuries, or that they’re not responsible at all, that reduces what they have to pay, and hopefully gets them down to zero (from their perspective).

So, it’s important for you to show that the other party was 100% responsible for your injuries.

Did you know that process begins the moment you’re injured?

Yes, you have some responsibility for proving fault too.

Here’s how it works:

You Can’t Take Enough Notes Or Photos

The moment you’re injured, photograph the scene of the car accident thoroughly with your smartphone. If you can’t do it, have someone else at the scene do it for you. […]

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Assaulted? You May Be Able to Get Money for Your Injuries

Say someone assaults you, and you did nothing to provoke the incident. You miss time at work and pile up medical bills. Can you get money for this? Find out.
You go out to a bar. You mind your own business. You go out back to have a smoke.

A burly individual who’s completely wasted takes a few wild swings at you. They thought this was “their bar,” and as an outsider, you’re not welcome. They break your jaw.

You press criminal charges. A successful criminal prosecution and conviction is easy because you did nothing to start or provoke the fight.

But, since you work as a customer service associate and can’t speak clearly, you have to miss work. And you had to spend some time in the hospital. Plus, a broken jaw is painful and stops you from doing many of the things you love, including spending time with your family.

The criminal charges […]

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What Insurance Companies Look For In Claims

The word “insurance” is kind of a misnomer. Learn what insurance company’s real agendas are, and what you can do in this post.
What images come up in your mind when you hear the word “insurance company?”

Do you think of that adorable green gecko? Or would you rather see him run over by a car?

Do you recall a time where you think your insurance claim was unfairly processed?

Do you get blind with rage and start cursing?

It’s kind of ironic that they’re called “insurance companies” when it’s often their goal to find ways to not pay for things!

Of course, you have to remember the reality. They have billions of dollars, executives with bloated salaries, quarterly numbers to make, and shareholders to please. That’s why they have to spend so much money heavily advertising how they’re “on your side.” So someone has to pay for all that, and it sure as heck isn’t […]

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Attorney Settles Pedestrian Truck Accident in Dallas, TX for $574,000

$574,000 gross recovery for left foot injury pedestrian truck accident in Dallas, TX. Outstanding settlement by attorney for a pedestrian struck by a work truck.
Our client was walking through the parking lot at 13100 Coit Road in Dallas, TX when a commercial box truck was exiting the parking lot and struck his left leg/foot area. The driver of the truck left the scene without providing identification or insurance information but witnesses were able to identify the name of the company on the truck.

Comments from Attorney Shane Mullen: We locked down liability right out of the gate. Our firm has an in-house private investigator, Mike Foster, who we utilize to develop and preserve evidence on cases. Mike was able to get a strong affidavit from one of the witnesses who was referenced in the police report associated with the pedestrian truck accident. We learned very early in the case that our client […]

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