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How to Handle Another Driver’s Road Rage

What do you do if another driver gets way too upset and aggressive on the road? Follow this brief guide from Mullen & Mullen to help keep yourself safe.
You make a mistake when driving – a minor one. Perhaps you didn’t see another driver and cut in front of them. Or, you’re driving on the highway slower than they would like.

Most drivers either don’t care or get a little annoyed and move on. Then, every once in a while, you get a driver who thinks you’ve committed a heinous crime.

And they decide to retaliate in a dramatic way because of a small error on your part.

Here’s what to do if the other driver decides they need to get revenge and escalate the situation:
Take a Deep Breath And Avoid Doing Anything They Can Observe
You’ll likely feel at least slightly annoyed, or possibly quite angry with the other driver’s response. That’s fine. […]

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How to Manage Serious Pain Following a Car Accident

Hurt in a car accident? What should you do afterwards to manage your pain?
US healthcare spending hit about $3.65 trillion in 2018. This is greater than the GDP of all but 4 countries in the entire world!

The point is that managing pain is complex. And we certainly can’t create a complete guide for you.

However, we can give you some of the basics as they relate to car accidents.

Here’s what to do:
Call 911 ASAP
You may or may not need an ambulance or medical attention immediately after a car accident. But you should at least get the police involved. They can create a report to record all the facts surrounding the situation, which you may need later if you opt to file a lawsuit.

If you have noticeable pain after your car accident, ask for an ambulance and medical professionals to come to the scene. If you don’t think you feel any pain, […]

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$300,000 Settlement for Pedestrian Car Accident Injury

Broken ankle injury resulting in surgery settles for $300,000 after a negligent driver hit a pedestrian.

Our client was at a convenience store in Forney, walking towards the entrance, when she was struck by a distracted driver and knocked to the ground. It was apparent she had sustained serious injuries to the left leg and an ambulance was called to transport her to the Emergency Room.

Comments from Attorney Joseph Morrison: Imaging was immediately ordered due to the obvious deformity to our client’s left ankle. The results demonstrated a medial dislocation of the talus and a lateral dislocation of the remaining hind-foot. There was also a fracture fragment posterior to the ankle mortise. Our client was hospitalized for several days and had to undergo surgery. The doctor performed an excisional debridement and irrigation of her left ankle subtalar and talonavicular joints and an open reduction of the left ankle subtalar and talonavicular […]

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Determining Fault in 3 Different Types of Car Accidents

When a car accident happens, fingers point in opposite directions. But who’s responsible? Learn some of the facts which can affect fault.
In law, there’s the way things look to your common-sense mind, and then there’s the way things actually are in the eyes of the law.

Fortunately for you, you can focus on your recovery from the accident. Police officers determine fault. And sometimes, accident injury lawyers have to battle with insurers and the courts to get a fair legal outcome for you.

Of course, we can’t determine who’s at fault without knowing all the specific facts of a certain auto accident.

However, you can learn some factors and who’s typically at fault in the common car accident types discussed below:
Head-On Collisions
If you’re involved in a head-on collision, the driver on the wrong side of the road will be at fault.

Head-on accidents happen when drivers pass but misjudge the amount of distance needed […]

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36% of Survey Takers Drove While “Blackout Drunk” in 2019 Study

How do drunk drivers justify their behavior? And what can you do to protect yourself?
Have you ever been blackout drunk?

A lot of us have been at some point in our lives.

But most of us did this back in our younger years with friends and avoided getting behind the wheel.

The American Addiction Centers performed a recent survey of 600 Americans, and 36% admitted to driving while “blackout drunk.”

In other words, they had absolutely no capacity whatsoever to take in their surroundings while driving. They more than likely couldn’t even remember driving. And at best, they might remember bits and pieces the following day.

Another surprising finding was that 10% of those surveyed who had been convicted of a DUI in the past believed it was fine for them to drink and drive!

Here are the leading reasons people tell themselves they can drink and drive:

How Can You Protect Yourself from Drunk Drivers?
The problem […]

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How Car Accidents Get Classified (And Why You Should Care)

What’s the big deal about classifications related to your car accident? Quite a bit. And this should greatly affect the personal injury lawyer you choose.
The State of Texas maintains an entire guide that defines every last aspect of a motor vehicle crash.

Yes. It’s boring reading. But it can greatly affect fault and how much you may or may not be able to win in an auto accident injury case.

You can check out the 2017 classification guide here if you want to see what it looks like.

For example, the guide defines a “school bus.” That doesn’t seem all that tricky at first. But the definition notes a “school-chartered bus” or a “mass transit authority” bus does not qualify as a “school bus.”

So, that can impact your injury claim, the final outcome, and how much compensation you may or may not get.

More on why this matters in a second. But first, take […]

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How to Avoid a Serious Pedestrian Car Accident Injury

How do pedestrians end up with serious injuries, or even lose their lives, in accidents with automobiles? The truth is amazingly simple. Learn what to do to keep yourself, and your family safe.
In light of the data discussed in one of our recent blog posts, which revealed that around half of the world’s annual 70,000 car accident and pedestrian fatalities happen in the US, it’s important to strategize your own safety.

With Texas’ population growth at 1.80%, the third fastest in the country, that means more dangerous drivers on our roads and greater risk to your safety. And then combine this with the DFW Metroplex being the fastest growing metro area in the US, and you have a real recipe for trouble!

While you can’t control what drivers do, you can absolutely control what you do so you nearly eliminate your risk of a serious injury (or even fatality) while you’re a […]

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Distracted Driving Fatalities Don’t Always Result from Cell Phone Use

Believe it or not, cell phones may not be the leading cause of accidents and fatalities resulting from distracted driving. In fact, it could be these other things.
You’ve heard about the dangers of using your phone while driving.

But while it’s the leading cause of accidents and fatalities as far as driving distracted goes, it’s far from the only cause.

Here’s some other driving distractions that also present a serious risk of causing an accident or fatality:
Having a Conversation or Listening to Music
No joke here. This seems so routine that you don’t even think about it when driving.

But technically, having conversations and listening to music does take your focus off the road.

Your focus on driving falls around 40%.

While you think you can multitask, no person’s brain is designed to do so.

“People can’t multitask very well, and when people say they can, they’re deluding themselves,” said neuroscientist Earl Miller regarding his study discussed […]

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How to Keep Your Teens Safe While Driving

How do you get a teen to acknowledge that they too can end up seriously injured, or even lose their life in a car accident, when they don’t drive responsibly?
An old joke goes,”I was surprised how little my dad knew when I was 14 and how much he learned when I turned 21.”

That about sums it up for teens, right?

In 2017, the fatal crash rate per mile driven for 16-19 year-olds was nearly 3 times the rate for drivers ages 20 and over, says the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

Facts startle and convince concerned parents of teens.

And teens certainly hear about these stats and certainly have awareness of the dangers of driving. Their high schools and driver’s education courses tell them multiple times.

But…their serious and fatal accident rates still remain disproportionately high.

So how do you get through to teens, who might already know everything, including that there’s absolutely no possible […]

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How to Overcome Your Teen’s Objections to Wearing a Seatbelt

Those stubborn teens… they know so much more than you, don’t they? Well, here’s what to do about that. And yes, you can get through.
Remember what you were like when you were a teen?

Did you smile and say “yes” and do exactly what your parents said every single time, realizing that they’ve walked your path before and might know a little more than you?

…If only teenage minds worked that way, right?

Or, did you smile and say “yes,” immediately discard what your parents said, and then go and do precisely whatever you wanted?

Maybe you were openly defiant and started arguments with your parents, trying to prove your case to them and why they’re wrong.

Truthfully, your brain doesn’t fully develop until around the age of 25. So, you, and your teenage son or daughter, simply can’t fully comprehend reality until that age.

Well then what do you do when you have a teen […]

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