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Mullen & Mullen Releases New Car Accident App to Help Save Drivers’ Lives

Mullen & Mullen Releases New Car Accident App to Help Save Drivers’ Lives, Reduce Serious Injuries, and Make Collecting Evidence Easier
Mullen & Mullen’s new, free, one-of-a-kind car accident app can help save drivers’ lives, prevent serious injuries, and help them more easily collect the information necessary to negotiate with insurers or win legal claims.
Dallas, TX January 22, 2019 – The NHTSA reports 37,000 fatalities and 2.35 million injuries happen on American roads each year. Further, they say more than 30% of those who lost their lives or experienced severe injuries could have lived or walked away with minor injuries if help were notified faster.

To save more lives and reduce the frequency of severe injuries, Mullen & Mullen has released a unique app that automatically notifies drivers’ emergency contacts if they are involved in a car accident. The app also includes several features which make gathering evidence about the crash easy […]

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In-Depth Data Shows How Pedestrians Get Injured in Car Accidents

Avoid becoming the victim of a negligent motorist. Learn how car accidents involving pedestrians happen so you can prevent injuries to you and your family.
If you had to guess, how many pedestrians died from car accidents in 2004?

Got your guess?

Was it anywhere near 4,641?

What about the same question for injuries? About how many people would you guess were injured in car accidents in 2004?

It’s around 70,000.

Globally, car accidents and pedestrian injuries cost around $500 billion.

By the way, this data comes from the National Center for Biotechnology Information, a part of the National Institute of Mental Health.

So, it’s pretty much as reliable as you can get.

Now, of those injuries and crashes, how many would you guess happen in the US?

Do we account for less or more than 50% of the total damage?

Well, recent data from the Association for Safe International Road Travel suggests that $230.6 billion of that $500 billion in […]

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Texas Auto Fatalities Jumped Up 10% in 2017

3,721 people died on Texas roads and highways in 2017, marking a 10% increase from the previous year, reports the Insurance Council of Texas.

“Alcohol, speeding and distracted driving remain the major factors in the majority of accidents on our roadways today,” said Mark Hanna, a spokesperson for the Council.

So, that’s the perfect recipe for dying (or even serious injury) on Texas’ roadways: drink too much, drive distracted by messing around on your smartphone or with your car’s fancy dashboard, and speed.

Please don’t seriously do any of that!

While Texas has a law that bans texting and driving, “distracted driving” actually refers to a number of common behaviors that take your attention off the road:

Talking on your phone
Putting on makeup
Adjusting or optimizing your phone’s app
Talking to others in your vehicle
Adjusting any gadget on your car’s dashboard
Prescription or street drug abuse
Drinking any alcohol before driving

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$932,500 Settlement by Attorney for Spine Injury Car Accident

$932,500 gross recovery for spine injury car accident. Client was forced to undergo lumbar disc surgery to recover from his injuries.
Our client was operating a motor vehicle in the course and scope of his employment. An underinsured motorist was inattentive, failed to timely apply her brakes, and rear-ended his automobile. He had to be taken to the emergency room via ambulance due to immediate complaints of neck and back pain. A physical examination by the ER physician revealed lumbar tenderness. He was released home but had to return to the hospital the following day due to continued significant pain and discomfort.

Comments from Attorney Joseph Morrison: Our client was on the job at the time of the car accident thus he had the option of filing a Workers’ Compensation claim. We discovered, however, that the vehicle he was operating was also covered under his employer’s large UM/UIM (uninsured/underinsured) motorist policy. The problem […]

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$350,000 Settlement by Attorney for Herniated Disc Injury Car Wreck in Dallas, TX

$350,000 gross recovery for herniated disc injury due to commercial car wreck in Dallas, TX. Client could not have recommended surgery due to chronic health condition.
Our client was operating a sedan traveling northbound in the right lane of N. Central Expressway in Dallas, Texas near Lyndon B Johnson. The at-fault motorist was operating a vehicle in the course and scope of his employment. Traffic was congested and the motorist was inattentive. As a result he rear-ended our client’s automobile causing significant property damage to same.

Comments from Attorney Joseph Morrison: Our client, a teacher, had to seek emergency medical attention following the collision. Initial complaints at the ER included both neck and back pain. She eventually begin therapy and rehabilitation efforts. During her therapy she had both persistent and consistent complaints of low back pain radiating to her legs.

Remember: Radicular symptoms can indicate the presence of an injury beyond a sprain […]

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$280,000 Settlement for Concussion Injury Car Accident in The Colony, TX

Attorney recovers $280,000 for concussion injury car accident in The Colony, TX. Client required cognitive therapy as a result of the injury.
Our client was operating an SUV traveling northbound in the left lane of SH 121 in The Colony, Texas near Standridge. The at-fault motorist was operating an SUV traveling northbound in the middle lane of SH 121. The at-fault motorist was inattentive and sideswiped our client’s vehicle.

Comments from Attorney Joseph Morrison: Our client sought medical treatment at the ER the same day as the wreck. He had immediate complaints of head pain. A CT of his head and brain was performed but did not reveal any positive findings. Our client had to return to the ER just days later when he continued to experience symptoms from his head injury. Headache and memory loss were noted.

Remember: The Mayo Clinic has identified signs or symptoms that can indicate a traumatic brain […]

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$45,500 Recovery for AC Joint Separation Injury Car Wreck in Carrollton, TX

Attorney settles AC Joint Separation injury claim for $45,500, caused by car wreck in Carrollton, TX. Outstanding gross recovery on case where client required only physical therapy and medical bills were below $5,000.

Our client was a passenger in an automobile traveling northbound in the middle lane of Sam Rayburn Tollway in Carrollton, Texas. The at-fault motorist was operating a vehicle behind them in the same lane, was inattentive, and failed to control his speed causing the front of his car to violently collide with the rear of the auto our client was in. The at-fault motorist admitted consuming alcohol to the investigating police officer. Field sobriety tests were performed but the officer determined he was not intoxicated.

Comments from Attorney Shane Mullen: Even though the officer determined the at-fault motorist was not intoxicated I consistently raised his consumption of alcohol to the insurance adjuster. It was my strong opinion that jurors […]

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$200,000 Settlement for Rotator Cuff Injury Auto Accident in Dallas, TX

Partial rotator cuff injury from auto accident in Dallas, TX settled by attorney for $200,000. Client recovered after injection and surgery.
Our client was a passenger in an SUV that was stopped at a red light near Lombardy in Dallas, Texas. A negligent driver of a commercial vehicle was not paying attention and rear-ended the SUV she was in. Property damage was significant.

Comments from Attorney Joseph Morrison: Our client’s initial complaints at the ER included neck pain, pain in both upper extremities, and pain in both lower extremities. It quickly became apparent, however, that her primary injury was to her right shoulder. She began extensive physical therapy and rehabilitation efforts. An MRI was ordered when her pain persisted which revealed a partial thickness rotator cuff tear.

Remember: Some partial thickness rotator cuff tears can be greatly improved with physical therapy and/or injections. In fact, sometimes partial tears will even heal on their […]

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Ready Or Not: 18 to 21 Year-Olds’ May Soon Get Right to Drive Semi Trucks

Internet sales are fueling high demand for cross-country shipping, while many don’t have an interest in a career driving a semi truck. 18 to 21 year-olds’ may soon get the right to drive 18-wheelers. Learn more.
Would you trust your 18-year-old behind the wheel of 80,000 pounds of metal and cargo?

That’s what some trucking industry leaders and lawmakers want.


The trucking industry currently has a shortage of 51,000 drivers. And this, despite many truckers routinely making $42,000 or more per year.

What’s causing the shortage?

The Washington Post surveyed dozens of drivers ranging from 4 months to 40 years of experience. And they found what you’d expect. Drivers don’t like:

They rarely see their family
Other drivers, the police, and retailers give them little respect
They sit all day, can’t find healthy food, and put on lots of weight
Their risk of divorce goes sky high
The pay isn’t that good if you adjust […]

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$350,000 Settlement for Commercial Truck Accident Injury in Dallas, TX

Attorney settles Dallas, TX commercial truck accident claim involving lumbar annular fissure disc injury for $350,000. Outstanding gross recovery considering MRI did not reveal herniated discs.
Our client was operating an SUV and was stopped at a red light located near HWY 12 and Lombardy in Dallas, Texas. The at-fault motorist, a commercial truck driver, was traveling behind our client’s vehicle and was inattentive, failing to control his speed. His large truck rear-ended our client’s automobile causing significant property damage to same.

Comments from Attorney Joseph Morrison: Our client had to seek treatment at the ER due to the nature of his injuries. His initial complaints were headaches and some blurry vision. A couple days later his head symptoms had resolved but he was reporting pain and discomfort in his neck, back, right knee, and right foot/ankle.

When the client’s pain persisted an MRI of the lumbar spine was ordered. The MRI revealed […]

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