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You Can Experience Severe Injuries Even At Low Driving Speeds

Can you get severely hurt driving at just 5-10 mph? The truth may surprise you. Learn the reality of the relationship between severe injuries and driving speed.
Seems logical that the higher the speed, the more severe your injuries, right?

After all, you don’t hear of people flying through their windshields while driving at 5 mph, do you?

At first thought, this seems a perfectly natural conclusion to come to.

There may be some truth to this. But the reality is that no one actually precisely knows.

Case in point: a 1981 study by Callier found:

“A collision, when the offending car moves at a rate as slow as seven (7) mph can cause severe tissue damage and injury.”

The quote was actually in reference to understanding the relationship between vehicle damage and the severity of injuries in a car accident.

But clearly, you can also reasonably draw the obvious conclusion that driving slower doesn’t guarantee you won’t […]

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Just How Safe is Dallas-Fort Worth to Drive in Anyway?

Should you feel terrified every time you grab the wheel and drive in the DFW Metroplex? Find out what the latest driving safety data reveals.
How worried should you be about driving in the DFW Metroplex?

Should you feel terrified?

…Or should you feel relatively safe?

Of course, you’d think we’re going to have the most total injuries and accidents because the Metroplex is the most populous area in the state.

So anyway, we wanted to do a quick statistical study to learn the truth.

Here’s what we decided to do:

Use the most recent Texas DOT crash data available
Divide that by the most recent population stats available

That’ll give you a decent idea of where you should feel on guard…and where you can relax.
The Findings
So, take a look here at the four most popular metro areas in the state, and their crash data:

Dallas/Fort Worth/Arlington Population: 6,371,773. Total crashes: 59,045 Fatal crashes: 286 Crash rate: […]

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New Research Reveals True Frequency of Lower and Mid-Back Injuries from Frontal Car Accidents

Should you be more concerned with frontal-impact car crashes? Or are they just as, or maybe even less, likely to hurt you than other crash types? The answer might surprise you. Learn the truth in this post.
When people get in car accidents, just how often do they really injure their middle and lower spine?

Until recent join research performed by doctors from the Medical College of Wisconsin, University of Maryland, and US Department of Transportation, no one’s really understood the truth.

And you’ll be surprised by the results they found.
Why Did Researchers Do This Study Anyway?
Up until this research was performed, no one had done any injury assessment for thoracic (mid-chest) or lumbar (lower) spine injuries. That’s not just true in America – it’s true throughout the entire world. The information from this study could then be used to inform auto manufacturers so they can make safer vehicles and government bodies so […]

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3 Tactics Injury Lawyers Use to Prove a Truck Driver’s Negligence

Trucking companies, and truck drivers, don’t want to admit they are liable for accidents. Learn what our injury lawyers look for to make sure you get fair compensation.
Let’s say you experience injuries as a result of a truck driver’s negligence. What do think the trucking company is going to try and do?

They know the injured victim is going to demand compensation – likely significant compensation from them – in damages. Their insurance company is likely going to tell them that they’re going to have to pay much higher premiums as a result.

Trucking companies certainly don’t want to see money disappear from their bottom line. The natural response – obviously – is to figure out how to delay and deny or outright shift liability for the loss.

Of course, this leaves all ethical questions and concerns aside. If their driver was negligent, they should have to pay the victim’s damages right?

Unfortunately, companies […]

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How to Make Sure You Have Credible Witnesses Supporting You

Going to trial? Have a feisty claims adjuster? This is how a lawyer can ruin or boost the credibility of witnesses to your auto accident.
So many factors go into the final outcome of your car accident claim. While most injury claims do not go to court, about 10% do. And that’s where having credible witnesses can make a huge difference in your case.

But, you can’t have just any old witness. For example, say they look like your average, fine, upstanding Texan. They speak intelligently. They have a clean and neat appearance.

Everything looks good, right? But then a background check shows they have a history of felony drug possession. Even though they’ve kept their criminal record clean for the last couple years, their credibility is seriously damaged just because of that past transgression. You might not want to have that person testifying on your behalf unless it is absolutely necessary.
What Makes […]

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What If an Overtired, Fatigued Driver Hits You? Do You Have a Case?

After an auto accident, the other driver yawns several times. It’s clear they’re tired. How does that affect your claim? Find out in this post.
Say you’re driving along and having a good day. Nothing’s going wrong. Everything seems to be going your way.

Then, all of a sudden, another driver hits you, causing a serious car accident. Fortunately, you experience non-life-threatening injuries. But, you do have a severely sprained ankle, which causes you to miss a few days from work and requires weeks of physical therapy.

At the scene of the auto accident, you can tell from the look in the driver’s eyes that he or she is exhausted. Were they up drinking all night before? You don’t know what they were doing. Regardless of what they actually did, it’s clear they’re pretty tired.

Do you have a claim?
Standard Situations Involving Drowsy Drivers
Not every case has exactly the same details. But they do […]

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When Multiple Defendants are Involved in a Truck Accident

Do you know that you might have to sue multiple parties if you are involved in a truck collision? Learn why truck accidents can be a real legal nightmare in this post.
Almost everyone would agree that getting hit by an 18-wheeler would be a real nightmare and absolutely terrifying.

But, the damage to your vehicle and likely severe injuries make for just the beginning.

The resulting legal battle can be a real mess to sort out too. Fortunately, if you have a good personal injury lawyer, you don’t have to worry about any of that.

Why could it be a mess?

Simple… you can have many more defendants than meets the eye, even if you and the 18 wheeler are the only vehicles involved in the accident.

Let us quickly explain why.

Theoretically, the driver, trucking company, company who performed any maintenance on the truck, and manufacturer of the cargo being hauled could all be responsible […]

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Texas Roads Continue to Get Deadlier, Says the Most Recent Data

The death toll on Texas highways increased another 3.59% in 2016. Learn how to keep yourself safe by understanding these statistics.
The fatality rate on Texas roads rose to 1.44 deaths per 100 million miles, which represents about a 3.59% increase from 2015.

This data comes from the Texas Motor Vehicle Crash Facts for 2016.

The total 2016 death toll increased 5.45% to 3,773 from 3,578 in 2015.

Look, I understand statistics in and of themselves are…well…pretty boring.

But, don’t just look at these statistics and shrug them off. Let them inform you on your own driving so you know how to give yourself the best chance of being safe.

You don’t want to become one of these statistics for the 2017 version of the calendar, right?

So, let these stats show you what to do (and not do):
Wear Your Seat Belt
Maybe you feel cooler when not wearing your seat belt…like you’re taking a risk or being rebellious […]

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Attorney Settles Hip Injury Car Wreck in Denton, TX for $302,500

$302,500 gross recovery for hip injury car wreck in Denton, TX. Great settlement by attorney at all available policy limits.
Our client was a passenger in a vehicle traveling southbound on Teasley Lane in Denton, TX. The driver of the vehicle was impaired and collided into the back of a utility vehicle that was parked in the right lane for utilities construction. Property damage was massive and our client had to be taken to Denton Regional Medical Center via ambulance due to the nature of the injuries he sustained.

Comments from Attorney Joseph Morrison: I knew right away that our client had sustained significant injuries to his left hip. He was examined by numerous physicians. The majority of doctors agreed he would require a total hip replacement at some point in the future. Due to his young age it was also likely he would need at least one revision of that procedure. […]

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In An Accident What If The Other Driver Says “The Light Was Green!”

You get in an accident. The other driver claims the light was green. It wasn’t. How do you overcome that? It’s easier than you think.
Disregarding a stoplight (or stop sign) is a leading cause of traffic accidents. And sometimes, it is one other drivers try to manipulate so they don’t have to be liable. In some cases they lie outright, and in others they honestly remember wrong. Both happen.

Let’s say you saw the light, and it was undoubtedly red. For now, it’s your word against someone else’s. You don’t want to have to make a claim with your insurance company because that will cost you some money and likely drive your premiums up. And you shouldn’t have to take responsibility if you were abiding by the law.
What Can You Do?
You’ll most likely have to go to court for this kind of accident case. The other driver’s insurance adjuster will be nearly […]

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