Cervical herniated disc injury due to auto accident in Dallas, TX settled by attorney for all available insurance policy limits of $151,944.50

We assisted our client in obtaining a total policy limits offer pre-suit. Our client was operating an automobile traveling southbound on the Dallas North Tollway. Traffic was heavy and she had to bring her vehicle to a stop. She had been stationary roughly 2 or 3 seconds when she was rear-ended by a negligent driver who was not paying attention and failed to timely the brakes.

Comments from Attorney Joseph Morrison: Our client had immediate complaints of neck pain, back pain, and head pain. It became apparent that physical therapy alone would not be adequate to control her discomfort when the results of a cervical MRI revealed herniated discs. In addition, a neurologist diagnosed a concussion as a result of the auto accident.

Our client was forced to undergo several procedures including a cervical ESI, occipital nerve block, cervical facet joint injection, and radiofrequency thermocoagulation.

Remember: An occipital nerve block is an injection that is performed around the occipital nerves located at the base of the skull and is used to suppress headaches. Radiofrequency thermocoagulation is also known as radiofrequency ablation and involves using heat to destroy a specific nerve to provide pain relief.

The procedures helped our client to obtain some significant relief but she will likely require additional medical treatment in the future.  The liability carrier quickly offered policy limits. Her underinsured motorist carrier was one we typically have to litigate against but I wanted to make every effort to give her the opportunity to avoid the necessity of costly and time-consuming litigation. I was really happy that we were also able to get her insurance company to tender available policy limits pre-suit. It’s very rewarding when you are able to assist someone in making the best out of a bad situation. Getting both insurance companies to tender policy limits without having to file a lawsuit saved the client many thousands of dollars. We take serious pride in securing all available settlement monies for clients while they have a lower attorney fee. We do not immediately recommend litigation (where attorney fees and case expenses increase) like some injury law firms and this case is the perfect example why.

The settlement for this claim involving a cervical herniated disc injury as a result of an auto accident in Dallas, Texas  was $151,944.50 Attorney fees were $42,500. Case expenses were $179.35. After paying medical providers, the client’s net recovery was $63,165.15.