$24,000 gross settlement for bus wreck in Dallas, TX. Outstanding recovery by attorney for passenger with soft tissue injury.

Our client was a passenger on a Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) bus traveling southbound in the 9300 block of Skillman St. The bus was attempting to make a left turn onto the 9800 block of Adleta Blvd with a green protected arrow. An inattentive motorist disregarded a stoplight and collided with the bus. Our client, other bus passengers, and the driver of the car were taken to a local hospital to be evaluated.

Our client sustained injuries to his left knee, neck, and back following the bus accident. Thankfully however, the injuries were soft tissue in nature. A lumbar MRI demonstrated no objective evidence of injury, and an MRI of his knee demonstrated only a grade II signal change.

Comments from Attorney Joseph Morrison: The client’s left knee caused him the greatest discomfort. His treatment records indicated he had difficulty walking to and from the bus station. A Grade II signal change is common in older individuals and is usually indicative of normal degenerative changes. Grade II is an increased signal that does not extend to an articulating surface and does not represent a meniscal tear. I was able to argue that the client’s previously asymptomatic condition (some degenerative changes in his knee) was caused to become symptomatic (painful) following the bus wreck.

The client was ultimately able to obtain significant pain relief through physical therapy. State Farm eventually offered more than the incurred medical expenses to settle the claim.

The client went to the hospital following the bus accident and the bill was over $5,100.00. I was able to convince the hospital to agree to reduce its bill and accept $3,070.00 as full and final payment. By doing so, I helped the client to maximize his recovery. Many times accident and injury victims don’t realize that a personal injury attorney can often be of assistance in getting hospital bills or hospital liens reduced.

The settlement for this claim involving soft tissue knee and back injuries as a result of a bus wreck in Dallas, TX was $24,000. Attorney fees were $6,231.72. Case expenses were $101.56. After paying medical providers, the client’s net recovery was $6,231.72. This is an outstanding result for soft tissue injuries.