CBD oil is legal. But can you drive while on it? Learn the full facts about driving while on CBD in Texas so you don’t put yourself or others at risk.

Since CBD products were legalized, they’ve become the go-to solution in every corner of the country.

To be legal, CBD must contain .3% THC or less. Compare that to marijuana, which contains 10-30% THC.

CBD is not psychoactive. It doesn’t cause a high or hallucinations.

That said, what if you drive while on CBD?

Well, it turns out the answer’s not so clear. Let’s take a closer look:

True CBD Products Are Always Legal to Have in Your Body When Driving

As long as the CBD oil you take has less than .3% THC, then you’re within the law when driving.

But there’s a problem: the oil extraction process used to make CBD isn’t perfect. So, it’s possible you could end up consuming CBD with greater than .3% THC without knowing it.

And some CBD manufacturers just don’t bother to stay within the federal guidelines.

So, you could end up under arrest for DUI even though you fully believed you were on legal CBD.

Legal CBD Oils Do Cause Side Effects in Many People

Now, let’s say you consume CBD oil with less than .3% THC and begin driving. You’re fully within the law.

But then you get dizzy, nauseous, and begin vomiting. These are real side-effects of CBD. You then take your attention off the road for an instant and cause a serious car accident.

You won’t get in trouble for having the CBD in your body. But you will find yourself in a world of trouble with strict Texas authorities for causing an accident. In this situation, Texas would consider you a “negligent” driver.

CBD also causes many other side-effects, including drowsiness and anxiety.

You never know exactly how you’ll react to CBD. So, if you decide to use it, make sure you try it a few times without driving so you know how your body reacts. And the same goes if you switch to a different brand.

People can react to the exact same dosage and product differently. Your friend may experience no side-effects whatsoever. You may become noticeably dizzy.

Driving with CBD oil in your body is probably safe in most cases. But clearly, you’ve learned about some possible exceptions to that.

So, it’s important to understand the true CBD content of the product you’re using beyond the shadow of a doubt, and exactly how that product affects you.

As long as you’re 100% certain of those two things, you’re safe to drive with CBD in your body