$57,511 gross recovery for cervical injury car accident in Arlington, TX. Outstanding result by attorney at policy limit despite no significant findings on MRI.

Our client was operating a motor vehicle traveling northbound on Mansfield Webb Rd in Arlington, TX. She brought her automobile to a stop and was waiting to make a left turn onto Spring Miller Ct. An inattentive motorist traveling at an excessive speed rear-ended her car. As a result of the wreck her vehicle was pushed forward roughly 20 feet. Property damage to both autos was substantial. She went to the hospital the following day with primary complaints of low back and neck pain.

Remember: It is always good to get evaluated at the hospital if you have been involved in a car wreck, especially a collision with significant property damage. Make sure to report all body parts that are experiencing pain, even if the pain is only moderate. Make sure to let the physician know if you are experiencing any numbness, tingling, or radiating pain as those symptoms can often indicate injuries beyond a sprain/strain.

We assisted the client in obtaining the thorough medical treatment she needed to recover from the injuries she sustained in the Arlington TX car accident. Treatment included physical therapy, multiple injections by a pain management doctor, a cervical MRI, physical performance testing, and prescriptions for pain. The client was able to receive these services at no up-front cost as medical providers agreed to delay billing her until her case had concluded.

Comment from Attorney Shane Mullen: The client’s cervical MRI demonstrated no significant findings. Her complaints of radiculopathy, however, were both persistent and consistent. The client was exceedingly credible and it was eventually determined by her pain management doctor that she had sustained cervical facet injuries as a result of the wreck. The adjuster assigned to her claim did not truly understand the nature of the injuries and I had to spend a good amount of time educating him about facet injuries.

Remember: Acute cervical/lumbar facet joint inflammation symptoms can mirror symptoms normally associated with a herniated disc. In the case of cervical facet injuries pain often radiates into the shoulders or upper back. If you have sustained a facet injury you will likely have tenderness over the inflamed facet joints as well as loss of flexibility in the spinal muscles.

The settlement for this claim involving a cervical facet injury as a result of a car accident in Arlington, TX was $57,511.00. Attorney fees were $16,103.08. Case expenses were $1,711.47. After paying medical providers, the client’s net recovery was $19,396.92. This is an outstanding result for undergoing cervical facet injections.