$30,000 settlement for whiplash spine and shoulder injuries car wreck in Arlington, TX. Outstanding recovery by attorney at policy limit for passenger hit by uninsured motorist.

Our client was a passenger in a car traveling in a mall parking lot near Division Street in Arlington, TX. The vehicle they were in was rear-ended by an uninsured motorist and property damage was substantial. Thankfully the driver of the car our client was in had uninsured motorist coverage on his policy that was applicable. Our client sustained injuries to his neck, back, and left shoulder. His neck and back complaints resolved fairly quickly.

Remember: An alarming number of Texas motorists do not have car insurance or have inadequate coverage. You are taking a huge gamble if you do not carry uninsured motorist / underinsured motorist (UM/UIM) coverage on your policy.

Comment from Attorney Joseph Morrison: This client had consistent and persistent complaints of pain following the auto accident at issue. His shoulder ended up being his primary injury. He eventually obtained relief after undergoing an intra-articular shoulder joint injection.

The adjuster for the first-party insurance carrier didn’t even attempt to negotiate with us. The adjuster immediately extended a policy limits settlement offer.

Our Dallas injury lawyers are selective on the car accident cases we choose to work on. We don’t take minor impact car wrecks. We have a reputation with insurance carriers and they know the cases we present involve real accidents with real injuries. We also have a reputation of not accepting lowball offers. We almost always attempt to resolve a case before filing a lawsuit but do not hesitate to recommend litigation if it’s in the best interests of our client. In this case the first-party adjuster knew the duties of good faith and fair dealing that were owed and knew we would only accept the policy limits because that’s what our client deserved.

Diagnostic testing received by the client revealed that his functional capacity immediately following the car accident was sedentary, meaning he could only work a desk job. His job, however, required a functional capacity level of medium. This objective testing helped us support our client’s claim for lost wages and played a major part in the carrier immediately offering to tender the policy limits.

The settlement for this car wreck involving a shoulder injury in Arlington, TX was $30,000.00. Attorney fees were $9,500.00. Case expenses were $136.15. After paying medical providers, the client’s net recovery was $8,538.85.