Outstanding $30,000 gross recovery by attorney for car accident victim in Dallas, TX who suffered sprain/strain injuries.

Our client, a self-employed contractor, was injured in a car wreck in Dallas, TX that occurred near the intersection of S. Beckley Ave and E. Brownlee Ave. He was operating a motor vehicle traveling southbound on S. Beckley Ave. The driver behind him attempted to pass him on the left while making a left turn onto E. Brownlee Ave, which caused a significant auto accident.

Comments from Attorney Joseph Morrison: Our client injured his neck, back, and both shoulders during the collision, and was diagnosed with shoulder impingement syndrome. He had some radicular complaints in regards to his neck and back pain that faded over time. MRIs of both his cervical and lumbar spine were essentially normal and demonstrated he had only sustained soft tissue or sprain/strain injuries in the car wreck. We were able to assist him in receiving therapy services, medical imaging, pain medication, durable medical equipment, and pain management consultations all at no up-front cost.

The wreck caused our client financial hardship as he was not able to work as much as he normally would have. He had concerns about his ability to meet his financial obligations the first couple of months after the incident. We assisted him in obtaining a small law loan so he could focus on his recovery, as opposed to worrying about bills piling up.

Remember: Our injury law firm has relationships with various businesses that offer clients cash advances on the outcome of their respective cases. We generally advise clients to avoid taking out a loan though, unless absolutely necessary. However, we certainly understand the financial toll an accident can lead to. We choose to work with organizations that offer low interest rates to clients that have no choice but to secure a law loan.

The client had no real objective injuries to speak of, so I chose to focus my arguments on the conduct of the driver that caused the accident. I made sure the at-fault driver’s insurance adjuster knew, that if litigation was necessary, we would (in the least) argue his actions were reckless considering he attempted to pass our client on the left while making a left turn. I also made sure the adjuster knew that even though our client only sustained soft tissue injuries, said injuries did cause radicular pain for a period of time. The subjective radicular complaints were supported by objective evidence in the form of an annular fissure demonstrated on his lumbar MRI. Knowing where to key in allowed me to obtain a settlement for the client that was substantially above his medical bills.

The settlement for this Dallas, TX car accident claim involving soft tissue injuries was $30,000. Attorney fees were $10,000. Case expenses were $44.40. After paying medical providers, the client’s net recovery was $11,005.60. This is an outstanding result for sprain/strain injuries.