$30,001 gross settlement for car accident in Dallas, TX. Outstanding recovery by attorney for client with back and neck sprain/strain injuries.

Our client was a passenger in a car traveling westbound on LBJ Freeway in Dallas, TX near Coit Rd. Another motorist lost control of her vehicle and spun out. Her automobile crossed multiple lanes of traffic and crashed into our client knocking his car into a wall.

Comments from Attorney Joseph Morrison: This was a significant car wreck. Our client went to the emergency room with initial complaints of neck pain, back pain, right knee pain, and some abdominal pain from the seat belt. We assisted him in locating a clinic that would delay billing until the conclusion of his car accident injury case so he wouldn’t get stuck paying expensive co-pays and deductibles on a limited budget while recovering from injuries that were not his fault.

Remember: Venue is a factor that your personal injury attorney should analyze when evaluating your case. Venue deals with where a lawsuit can be filed in the event litigation is necessary. In a car accident case venue is usually proper in the county where the accident occurred or the county where the at-fault motorist resides. Dallas jurors typically award higher damages than jurors in Collin or Tarrant County so venue should be examined when determining your case’s value.

The client’s primary continuing complaints were neck and back pain. He underwent an MRI and the results were normal. His injuries were soft tissue in nature. In other words, he sustained sprain and strain injuries to his cervical and lumbar spine. He underwent physical therapy to rehabilitate his injuries and eventually obtained complete pain relief.

It really bothers me when an adjuster says a client “only” sustained soft tissue injuries. Although these types of injuries usually heal, they still can require months of physical therapy to recover from. Therapy usually requires injured car accident victims to take time out of their already busy schedules. I often wonder how an insurance adjuster would feel if the shoe was on the other foot and he or she had to go to the doctor three times a week for eight weeks because of someone else’s negligence. Would they think it wasn’t a big deal because they “only” sustained soft tissue injuries?

When our client concluded his treatment we sent a settlement proposal to the at-fault motorist’s liability insurance carrier. After extensive negotiations a settlement was reached and our client was able to avoid litigation.

Our goal is to give every client the opportunity to settle his or her car accident injury claim without having to file a lawsuit. Litigation entails higher attorney fees and costs. Often times settling a case before a lawsuit is filed is more advantageous to the client. I previously served as the managing partner of a boutique litigation firm, however, and I do not hesitate to recommend filing suit if that is the best option to get my clients the compensation they deserve. In this particular case we were able to get the client’s medical bills significantly reduced and he was very happy with the settlement offer and that time-consuming litigation could be avoided.

The settlement for this claim involving neck and back sprain/strain injuries as a result of a car accident in Dallas, TX was $30,001. Attorney fees were $8,400.28. Case expenses were $342.01. After paying medical providers, the client’s net recovery was $14,102.40. This is a fantastic result for the client having only sustained soft tissue injuries.