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Accident & Personal Injury Practice Areas

  • Wrongful Death – A wrongful death case is brought by certain family members that directly suffer financial and/or emotional harm because of the untimely loss of a relative caused by someone else’s negligence or gross negligence.
  • Car Accidents – The actions you take and the decisions you make in the days, weeks, and months following an auto accident will make or break your insurance claim/case.
  • 18 Wheeler & Commercial Truck Accidents – Big insurance companies know they have increased exposure when a commercial truck or 18-wheeler has been involved in a collision since the minimum liability insurance policy on most tractor/trailers is $1,000,000.00.
  • Motorcycle Accidents – Most motorcycle accidents involve significant injuries and damages. Motorcycle drivers and passengers are not as protected as they would have been in a car or truck accident case.
  • Texting While Driving Accidents – You didn’t ask for your life to be turned upside down because someone was texting and not paying attention. We will assist you in getting your life back on track by helping you to secure any and all necessary medical treatment at no up-front cost.
  • Drunk Driving Accidents – If you were injured – or a loved one was killed – by a driver impaired by drugs, alcohol, or narcotic pain medication you may be entitled to punitive damages as a result of the driver’s grossly negligent and/or reckless conduct.
  • Pedestrian & Crosswalk Accidents – We’ve been recovering damages for victims of pedestrian accidents for over 30 years. We know the arguments the insurance companies will likely raise before they even raise them.
  • Work Injury – Determining whether you may be entitled to file a personal injury claim against your employer or former employer can be fact-intensive and is based on several factors.
  • Premises Liability (Slip and Fall) – The law is not on your side. The legislature and courts across the State of Texas have made it very difficult for slip or trip and fall victims to recover damages.
  • Medical Malpractice – Medical malpractice claims and cases are often challenging due to changes in Texas law specifically designed to cut back on these types of claims and cases.
  • Bad Faith Insurance – Insurance carriers exist to make money for their executives and shareholders…not to make sure injured victims are adequately compensated for their losses.
  • Pharmaceutical Liability (Prescription Drug Injury) – The pharmaceutical industry is big business and drug companies are constantly churning out new pills, gels, and ointments that we are led to believe are safe and will help us.
    • Risperdal Lawsuits – Sometimes, big corporations put making a profit ahead of your health. In the case of Risperdal, that’s what Johnson & Johnson (and their pharmaceutical company, Janssen) chose to do. The US Department of Justice accused J&J of illegally marketing Risperdal, citing it didn’t wait to get FDA approval for the drug before promoting it.
    • Xarelto Lawsuits – Designed to treat and prevent blood clots, Xarelto unfortunately sometimes does exactly the opposite. Instead, Xarelto can cause you to bleed internally – to the point where it’s fatal.
  • Dangerous & Defective Product Liability – Our law firm can assist you in determining whether the product that injured you had a design defect or manufacturing defect that caused your injuries.
  • Diminished Value – You may be entitled to damages for the loss of value to your automobile or truck following a motor vehicle collision.  Sometimes original parts are not utilized in the repairs or defects still exist after the repairs are completed.

No Matter How You Have Been Injured We May Be Able to Help

At a fundamental level we represent and advocate for injured victims. We’ve been doing so for 35 years and have helped thousands and thousands of clients in the process. Not every case, however, falls into a neat or pre-defined category.

Remember: If you were injured due to the negligence of another person or company we may be able to assist you. Don’t assume just because you didn’t see the exact facts of your case or your exact injury that we cannot be of assistance. Consultations are free and one of our attorneys would be more than happy to discuss the individual facts and circumstances of your case.

We can assist many people under the doctrine of “General Negligence” or if the actions of the at-fault party were intentional. General negligence can usually be established if the at-fault party failed to perform or act as a reasonably prudent person or company would have acted under like or similar circumstances. Some examples of general negligence or intentional conduct would include:

Boat Accident Injuries

Boat accident injury claims and cases obviously have similarities to motor vehicle accident claims and cases. It is important, however, to have counsel familiar with the rules and regulations for the safe operation of a boat as well as licensing requirements for operators. Boat accident claims can involve a collision between two boats, a single boat losing control, a collision with a boat and someone swimming in a lake, injuries caused by boat propellers, injuries caused by a boat capsizing, and injuries resulting from water sports. Common claims involve fatal drowning, brain damage from asphyxiation, spinal injuries, or amputation.

Bus Accident Injuries

Bus accident injuries can occur in a number of different ways. For example, you could be a passenger in a car struck by a bus or a pedestrian struck by a bus. In many circumstances you can sustain injuries as a passenger in a bus – due to the negligence of the bus driver or another motorist. Our law firm has filed a substantial number of claims against Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) and other bus operators for injuries sustained by clients.

Food Poisoning /Unsafe Food

Our law firm has represented clients who have been diagnosed with food poisoning as a result of negligent preparation of food by a restaurant or manufacturer or the negligent storing of food by a restaurant or grocery store. For example, we were able to assist clients who were poisoned by Peanut Butter in the past. In addition, we have represented clients who sustained major damage to their teeth when they bit into a rock or hardened byproduct of the food product.

Negligent Cable or Telephone Installation

We have represented clients who have been injured due to the negligence of cable companies or telephone companies. In most instances the cable company or telephone company failed to timely return to our client’s home to bury a cable and our client sustained injuries when he or she tripped over the cable.

Inadequate /Negligent Security

Our law firm has assisted clients who sustained injuries because an apartment complex or business failed to have adequate security measures in place to protect them. For example, a night club with a history of violent altercations could be found to be negligent in not having a security guard inside the club. A McDonald’s with a huge late night crowd (after bars close) could also be found to be negligent if they didn’t have a security guard in the restaurant. A business with a history of attacks in its parking lot could be negligent if they failed to have adequate lighting in the parking lot in question.

Dog Bites

Our law firm has represented numerous clients who were attacked and bitten by a dog that was inherently dangerous (such as a Pit Bull) or by a dog whose owner knew it had a tendency to bite. Injuries often include lacerations, scratches, missing areas of flesh, or injuries sustained trying to flee the dog attack. Case analysis will include whether the dog owner may have violated a “leash law” in allowing his canine to run free.

Bicycle Injuries

Bicycle claims and cases are obviously very similar to motorcycle accident claims and cases. Our law firm has represented a substantial number of bicyclists who suffered injuries when they were either struck by a motor vehicle of some sort or ran off the road by a motor vehicle of some sort.

Swimming Pool Accidents

Swimming pool accidents remain all too common and often involve young children. Unfortunately, in many such accidents young children are killed or suffer serious brain injuries due to asphyxiation. Often times these accidents occur because a homeowner negligently allowed children to enter the premises, negligently failed to monitor the children while they were swimming, or negligently prevented children from accessing the pool even though they knew the children were doing so. In other circumstances apartments have failed to properly prevent access to community pools by young children.

Burn Injuries

Our law firm might be able to assist you if you sustained injuries in an explosion or fire at your home or apartment, someone else’s home or apartment, your place of business, or a retail establishment. Many explosions occur at large plants or factories. Still other burn injuries can occur in situations where a homeowner was negligent. For example, we represented a client who was burned when a homeowner threw gasoline onto a fire in order to burn brush more quickly.

Assault & Battery

If you have been violently assaulted our law firm may be able to assist you. Often times these cases involve a degree of excessive force (a bouncer at a club) or they can simply involve an unprovoked attack. These types of cases would include sexual assault cases. It is important to determine if the person that assaulted you was in the course and scope of employment at the time of the attack. It is also important to determine the attacker’s financial assets. Assault & Battery cases generally allow for the recovery of punitive damages.

Dram Shop

If a bar, restaurant, or homeowner over-serves someone alcohol and allows them to operate a motor vehicle and that person subsequently injures or kills another motorist or pedestrian a cause of action might exist not only against the intoxicated motorist but also against the bar, restaurant, or homeowner.

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