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What Would a World Without Lawyers be Like?

Would the world be better or worse without personal injury lawyers? Take a look at what it might be like in this post.
Time to have a little fun today!

What do you think the world would be like if lawyers didn’t exist?

Better? Worse? About the same? Simpler?

Some special interest groups blame lawyers for harming society.

Take a look at how your life might be different without lawyers:

How Were Differences Settled Before Lawyers?

In the Old West, they squared off in gun duels. A small thing like a threatening look could be enough reason to kill another person.

In other countries, when there’s dispute about a change in leadership, tanks roll through the streets. In inner city neighborhoods, people shoot each other or fight in the streets.

The processes we used to solve our differences in the past were much different than they are now.

Say You Get Involved in a Car Accident…

Now remember, lawyers […]

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5 Common Myths about Personal Injury Law You Shouldn’t Believe

Think you have a personal injury claim? Learn the truth before you get deep into the process. Don’t believe these common personal injury law myths!
What image flies through your mind when you hear the words “personal injury?”

Do you think a bunch of negative things about the victims and their lawyers?

At least a bit of that imagery is based in reality. But much of it gets shaped by the media and our own misperceptions.

Learn some common myths about personal injury below:

Myth: Pursuing Your Personal Injury Claim is Fast And Easy

You will certainly hear this from lawyers that advertise on television. And it’s half-true.

They can settle your claim fast and easy. But what you don’t hear is that they’re going through your case as fast as possible to maximize their own profit. Often, lawyers with little experience in negotiations settle your claim.

It gets done faster. But you don’t get the full […]

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90% of Injury Claims Settle Without Litigation

Hurt in an accident? Most injury claims settle out of court. Learn how lawyers negotiate and settle cases without having to resort to litigation.
Truth be told – negotiating a settlement without litigation is in everyone’s best interest – even for the party who allegedly caused your injury.


Because it avoids court. And court costs everyone time and money.

So with just about every personal injury claim, the defendant is almost always willing to settle.

And 90% of the time, both sides agree to the settlement.

There is that occasional case that gets to court, usually because one side’s not being reasonable. But most of the time, you can expect a settlement to happen.

And we use these tactics to get you the maximum amount of financial compensation you deserve:

Prepare As If You are Going to Trial

Even though we know your case most likely won’t go to trial, our Dallas injury attorneys prepare as if it will. This […]

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What is Proportionate Responsibility? Why Should You Care?

Did you experience a personal injury because of someone else’s negligence? You may not get 100% of the compensation due to proportionate responsibility.
Before 1973, if you contributed in any way to your personal injury claim, you could not recover any financial compensation in Texas. So if you rolled through a stop sign while a defendant drove drunk and went 20 miles per hour over the speed limit, that spelled tough luck and no compensation for you.

Guess your parents or grandparents weren’t kidding when they said they had it harder, were they?

In 1973, Texas decided that was ridiculous. So now “proportionate responsibility” applies in certain situations where multiple parties are at fault. You might also hear this called “comparative fault” or “contributory negligence.”

The language gets tricky, but the idea is simple: each party assumes financial responsibility for their portion of the injured party’s damages.

So if you would normally get $100,000, but […]

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What are Punitive Damages in Texas? Can You Get Them?

If you file a personal injury claim, you may be able to collect punitive damages. Find out what they are and how you can get them in this post.
When you file a personal injury claim, it’s your goal to get something back for what you lost as a result of the accident. In their purest sense, punitive damages are assigned to:

Punish the defendant
Encourage them to not engage in the behavior again
Show society their behavior is not in the least bit acceptable

To get punitive damages, the defendant has to act in a particularly outrageous, malicious, evil, or fraudulent way. Punitive damages are actually rarely awarded. You might think they’re common – but that’s because they happen most often in high-profile cases you hear about in the news.

A recent situation where punitive damages were awarded was against car manufacturer Hyundai. A Montana judge ordered them to pay $73 million […]

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Why You Must Avoid Personal Injury Lawyers that Advertise Like Crazy

Some personal injury lawyers advertise relentlessly. Others do it with quiet dignity. Learn why you don’t want to work with the first kind of lawyer.
First thing’s first, and let’s be very clear: it’s completely okay for lawyers to advertise their services through whatever means they find that work.

TV, radio, Google search, social media – it’s all good. However, when you see the firms that “shout it loud and proud,” you have to be careful and consider whether they have your best interests in mind.

That’s not just our opinion. An article in the Georgetown Journal of Legal Ethics calls some firms out on their advertising motivations and business practices.

The articles call these firms “settlement mills.” Basically, it’s their goal to bring in a high volume of personal injury cases and settle them as quickly as possible. They aggressively advertise, and while they may settle many cases successfully, they don’t interact with […]

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Do You Have a Worker’s Comp or Personal Injury Claim?

Worker’s comp and personal injury work differently. In either case, you can hold your employer responsible for work-related injuries. Learn more in this post.
Did you know Texas is the only state in the entire United States that does not require employers above a predetermined size to carry worker’s compensation?

Sounds crazy, but it’s true!

And here’s the good news: it’s usually easier to recover financial compensation from companies that do not carry worker’s comp. Many of the legal defenses “subscribers” (companies who carry worker’s comp) get are not available to “non-subscribers.” The Texas legal system punishes them for their actions.

Most Texas employees, about 81% of the workforce, are covered by worker’s comp. However, according to the New York Times, about 6% (500,000) are not. Some claim the Texas’ worker’s comp system protects businesses better than it does the workers. Others note that actions against insurers have increased while fewer injuries get reported. […]

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Most Common Personal Injury Questions & Answers

If you’re doing any personal injury law research, you’ve got a ton of questions. These are some of the most common – along with their answers.
Any area of law is so amazingly complex that, as you do research, you’re often left scratching your head for answers. Personal injury law has its own unique set of legal language.

So we want to make it as easy as possible to learn what you need to know about personal injury law.

Here are some of the most common questions you might have – and accurate answers to each:

When have you experienced a personal injury?

It’s when another person’s carelessness or negligence causes you a physical (easier to prove) or psychological injury (much harder to prove). There’s many kinds of personal injury claims, like car accidents, slip-and-falls, birth injuries, defective products, medical malpractice, and others.

All personal injuries get tried in civil court, which means you […]

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Questions to Ask Your Personal Injury Lawyer Part 2

What questions should you ask your personal injury lawyer? You already got 7 from us, and here are 6 more to make sure you hire the best one for you.
Last month, you got Questions to ask a personal injury lawyer before you hire one.

The answers to those questions help you nail down which injury lawyer in Dallas to hire. But they won’t quite give you the “full picture” of the lawyer you should retain. To make the definitive choice for yourself, there’s some other questions you should ask too.

To those 7, add these:

Have you ever been suspended from practicing law? Why?

If your personal injury lawyer answers “yes” to this one, ouch! Time to find someone else. It takes quite grievous errors in legal practice (or any profession for that matter) to have your professional license suspended.

Do you have references I can contact?

Every lawyer, new and experienced, should […]

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8 Basic Steps to Expect if Your Personal Injury Case Requires Litigation

Considering a personal injury case? It’s scary! Get comfortable by learning the basic process you can expect in this post.
So the unthinkable happened…you find yourself having to file a personal injury lawsuit because the Defendant denied liability or made a bad offer.

Hopefully, your injuries aren’t too serious!

Although you can file a personal injury lawsuit any time someone else’s careless or negligent behavior harms you, tort cases generally fall into 9 different categories. Little nuances in each case type may differ, but this is the 8-step process you can expect, regardless of the type of injury you experience if litigation is required to obtain a recovery. Remember: The majority of personal injury claims are resolved without the necessity of a lawsuit.

Meet with an Attorney

All personal injury lawyers offer free consultations, where you learn whether you have a viable case or not. Remember, though, it’s a 2-way interview. You want to […]

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