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How We Prove Your Injuries (Including Steps You Need to Take)

Personal injury claims aren’t always easy to prove. But they can be – especially if you collect plenty of evidence. Find out what to do in this post.
Fault is the main point of disagreement in just about every personal injury claim.

If the defending party can show you were at least partially responsible for your injuries, or that they’re not responsible at all, that reduces what they have to pay, and hopefully gets them down to zero (from their perspective).

So, it’s important for you to show that the other party was 100% responsible for your injuries.

Did you know that process begins the moment you’re injured?

Yes, you have some responsibility for proving fault too.

Here’s how it works:

You Can’t Take Enough Notes Or Photos

The moment you’re injured, photograph the scene of the car accident thoroughly with your smartphone. If you can’t do it, have someone else at the scene do it for you. […]

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Assaulted? You May Be Able to Get Money for Your Injuries

Say someone assaults you, and you did nothing to provoke the incident. You miss time at work and pile up medical bills. Can you get money for this? Find out.
You go out to a bar. You mind your own business. You go out back to have a smoke.

A burly individual who’s completely wasted takes a few wild swings at you. They thought this was “their bar,” and as an outsider, you’re not welcome. They break your jaw.

You press criminal charges. A successful criminal prosecution and conviction is easy because you did nothing to start or provoke the fight.

But, since you work as a customer service associate and can’t speak clearly, you have to miss work. And you had to spend some time in the hospital. Plus, a broken jaw is painful and stops you from doing many of the things you love, including spending time with your family.

The criminal charges […]

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What Insurance Companies Look For In Claims

The word “insurance” is kind of a misnomer. Learn what insurance company’s real agendas are, and what you can do in this post.
What images come up in your mind when you hear the word “insurance company?”

Do you think of that adorable green gecko? Or would you rather see him run over by a car?

Do you recall a time where you think your insurance claim was unfairly processed?

Do you get blind with rage and start cursing?

It’s kind of ironic that they’re called “insurance companies” when it’s often their goal to find ways to not pay for things!

Of course, you have to remember the reality. They have billions of dollars, executives with bloated salaries, quarterly numbers to make, and shareholders to please. That’s why they have to spend so much money heavily advertising how they’re “on your side.” So someone has to pay for all that, and it sure as heck isn’t […]

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Attorney Settles Pedestrian Truck Accident in Dallas, TX for $574,000

$574,000 gross recovery for left foot injury pedestrian truck accident in Dallas, TX. Outstanding settlement by attorney for a pedestrian struck by a work truck.
Our client was walking through the parking lot at 13100 Coit Road in Dallas, TX when a commercial box truck was exiting the parking lot and struck his left leg/foot area. The driver of the truck left the scene without providing identification or insurance information but witnesses were able to identify the name of the company on the truck.

Comments from Attorney Shane Mullen: We locked down liability right out of the gate. Our firm has an in-house private investigator, Mike Foster, who we utilize to develop and preserve evidence on cases. Mike was able to get a strong affidavit from one of the witnesses who was referenced in the police report associated with the pedestrian truck accident. We learned very early in the case that our client […]

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6 Common Misunderstandings About Personal Injury

Personal injury law doesn’t work like you think. Learn the reality of how it works in this post.
If you’re like most people, you don’t go out of your way to learn personal injury law until it actually affects you.

What kind of person would research personal injury claims and law just for the fun of it?

Not too many people – that’s for sure.

So the reason you’re reading this is because you’re considering filing a personal injury claim.

Here’s some things to know before you do:

It’s Not as Stressful as You Think

Typically, when you think of “lawyers,” you think about courtrooms, impatient judges, and hostile defending attorneys that pepper you with misleading questions designed to make you look bad.

Like what you see on TV.

The truth? 90% of cases settle out of court. Some resolve over the phone with no in-person interaction at all.

Lawyers Don’t Cost That Much

You might think you can’t […]

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Common Questions Defending Personal Injury Lawyers Ask

Preparation for any personal injury lawsuit is always key. Learn 12 questions defending personal injury lawyers are likely to ask.
So, your case ends up being one of the 10% or so that actually goes to trial. 90% settle out of court, but both sides can’t always reach an agreement without going to trial.

When that happens, the defense lawyer is going to have their chance to question you. This questioning period is called a “deposition,” which means you swear to tell the truth, and anything you say will be used as evidence.

Let me tell you up front: everyone’s terrified to do this at first. Don’t be alarmed if a number of anxious thoughts run through your head when you first learn you have to do this.

That’s completely normal. You’d be unusual if you didn’t experience this.

But you don’t have to worry because our experienced Dallas injury attorneys know how to help […]

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Does Texas Personal Injury Law Favor Victims or Insurers?

You or a loved one gets hurt. In Texas, it might be completely legal for the big insurer to screw you out of your money. But there is help.
Abraham Lincoln said in his famous Gettysburg Address:

“…that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom – and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”

Well, our government’s certainly remained intact. So those words have held true.

But a government of, by, and for the people – that part certainly isn’t true at all times today.

States differ in how much protection they give insurers and consumers. In Texas, the scales are tipped in favor of the insurance companies:

For example, one guard at the Giddings State School won her worker’s compensation claim against the Texas Office of Risk Management. It took her 4 years to file and win her claim. But, […]

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How Do Laws Get Written in Favor of Insurance Companies?

Don’t be naive. Texas insurance companies have most of the power, and consumers don’t. Learn what you can do in this post.
You read the headline right. Texas state laws are written in favor of insurance companies. And they’re not there to help you, the consumer.

Aren’t we supposed to live in a country, according to the Gettysburg address,”…Of the people, by the people, for the people?”

Just take a look at some of these examples:

Texas is the Only State that Doesn’t Require Employers to Carry Worker’s Comp

Texas does not require employers to carry workers’ comp insurance or any private equivalent. This story at the Texas Tribune says that since 2003, a third of all the new jobs in the US have been created in Texas. So that’s the defense for the opposition to requiring worker’s comp.

But, Texas has led the nation in injuries for 7 of the 10 years from […]

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What If Your Employer Fires You After a Work Injury?

Fired with eerily short notice after you got injured at work? Here’s what to do if you suspect your employer of firing you for getting injured at work.
It’s a nightmare scenario: you get hurt on the job. Then mysteriously, you get fired not long after the injury.

You can’t be fired for an on-the-job injury. Your employer would have to be insane for telling you that’s the reason for your termination. (This is often referred to as “retaliatory discharge”) That’s because it would be easy to sue them if they said that.

But it’s easy for your employer to get around it. They could say you’re not meeting performance expectations. They could claim the company is experiencing financial difficulties. As long as they don’t explicitly fire you for one of the legally protected reasons, they can fire you if you are an “at-will” employee.

To be an “at-will” employee means the employer is […]

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What Can You Do If You’re Injured at Work in Texas?

Texas is a unique state in many ways, including that we don’t require workers compensation for all employers. Here’s what to do if you’re hurt at work.
We’re “The Lone Star State” for many reasons. For a brief time, we were even our own nation.

And today, we’re alone in maybe not as good of a respect as others: our state is the only one that doesn’t require employers to carry workers’ compensation.

In many other states, if workers get hurt at work, for any reason (their own negligence or their employer’s), they can recover compensation for their injuries and lost time at work.

Worker’s Compensation Rarely Provides the Coverage You Need

Well, the system we have here in Texas is kind of a mess. So bear with me as I explain this.

First of all, certain employers do have to carry Worker’s Compensation:

Public employers (but not federal employers)
Construction contractors
Motorbus companies
Companies that […]

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