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Dallas Actos AttorneysDid you know Takeda Pharmaceutical Company, manufacturer of the type 2 diabetes prescription drug Actos, made more than $16 billion on it before it went generic in 2012? Even though the company had some awareness of its life-threatening side effects as early as 1999, it didn’t notify US regulators until 12 years later in 2011!

While most companies obey the law and fix things when they go wrong, some don’t. The allure of billions of dollars and the ability to shirk personal responsibility tempts some more than they can handle. And awful things happen as a result! For example, some Actos studies found patients who took the drug had a 30% increased risk of cancer after one year. That number skyrocketed to as much as 83% after two years!

Takeda was even accused of intentionally destroying paper records regarding the development, marketing, and sales of Actos. These documents included information from 46 employees and some top Japanese and US executives. When large corporations engage in morally reprehensible behavior like this, you feel powerless. If someone hits you and causes a car accident, you usually just call the cops and let your insurance companies settle the issue.

But what can you do when a giant like this misbehaves and has no intention of fixing their mistake?

Our Dallas Actos Lawyers Hold Takeda Responsible for Their Actions!

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We also only charge on a contingency fee basis. That means you only pay if your case wins. Mention that you found our Actos lawsuits service on this website when you first hire us, and we’ll give you a discounted 28% contingency fee if it settles without litigation (rather than the standard 33.3%).

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Actos Lawsuits

  1. Should I Pursue My Actos Lawsuit as a Class Action Case?

You can, but you won’t get personal representation. That means you might not get the just financial compensation you deserve. Also, in addition to bladder cancer, Actos has also been implicated in other conditions such as congestive heart failure, liver failure, and bone fractures. Because personal injuries resulting from Actos are individual, you have to establish a solid, unique case that your injuries did in fact happen because of this drug.

  1. What Have Health Authorities Done to Protect the Public?

In June 2011, the FDA issued a public warning that using Actos for more than one year increases your risk of bladder cancer.  Around the same time, France suspended its use entirely. The Canadian government issued a warning that both short and long-term use of Actos may increase your risk of bladder cancer.

  1. What Evidence Is There That Takeda Knew of Actos’ Ability to Cause Bladder Cancer?

Unfortunately, there’s an overwhelming amount of evidence they knew it was dangerous. Before Actos even became available for the public, the company did studies on lab rats that showed Actos causes an increased risk of bladder cancer. Takeda claimed these results were unique to rats, but a responsible drug company does not make that assumption (That’s why they do those tests in the first place!).

Actos was approved for public use in 1999 by the FDA. They told Takeda to perform a safety and effectiveness study. Takeda allegedly delayed the study until 2003.

Then, they designed it as a 10-year trial, which would not release results until 2013-2014, after they made more than $16 billion on the drug and their patent expired.

If you look at the warning label on Actos, it still actually says, “There are too few events of bladder cancer to establish causality.”

  1. How Quickly Must I Hire an Actos Lawyer to Represent Me?

It depends on the state. In Texas, you have 2 years from the date of the injury to file an Actos lawsuit in our civil court system.

In the legal world, that’s a fairly short timeframe, so you should move faster rather than slower.

  1. Do I Have to Pay You a Fee for Representation?

You pay absolutely nothing up front (called a contingency fee). You only pay if we win your case by settlement or in court. We’re unique in that if you mention you found us through our website when you hire us, you’ll pay a discounted fee of 28% of your case’s final value (normally 33.3%) if it settles out of court.

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