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Was the Infamous McDonald’s Hot Coffee Spill Really Frivolous?

In February of 1992, 79-year-old Stella Liebeck of Albuquerque, New Mexico, was riding in the passenger seat of her grandson’s car. After they got their order from the McDonald’s drivethrough, Liebeck’s grandson pulled the car forward and stopped so she could add cream and sugar to her coffee.

Liebeck put the cup between her knees, and […]

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How Do Class Action Lawsuits Work?

Don’t you love to hear tales of the “little guy” beating almost impossible odds?

Who doesn’t? Hollywood releases dozens of box office hits telling this story each year.

In the real world, the unfortunate truth is that Goliath usually beats David.

Do you remember the Enron accounting scandal in 2001? The energy company was booming.

But then they were […]

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What do Ethical Personal Injury Lawyers Do?

We lawyers sometimes get a bad rap.

For the most part, that’s probably not fair or reasonable.

But let’s be honest: regardless of your profession, some act with integrity and some don’t.

So how do you know whether you’re talking to an honest lawyer who wants to get you a fair legal outcome, and one who just wants […]

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What Would a World Without Lawyers be Like?

Time to have a little fun today!

What do you think the world would be like if lawyers didn’t exist?

Better? Worse? About the same? Simpler?

Some special interest groups blame lawyers for harming society.

Take a look at how your life might be different without lawyers:

How Were Differences Settled Before Lawyers?

In the Old West, they squared off in […]

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5 Common Myths about Personal Injury Law You Shouldn’t Believe

What image flies through your mind when you hear the words “personal injury?”

Do you think a bunch of negative things about the victims and their lawyers?

At least a bit of that imagery is based in reality. But much of it gets shaped by the media and our own misperceptions.

Learn some common myths about personal injury […]

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90% of Personal Injury Cases Settle Without Litigation

Truth be told – negotiating a settlement without litigation is in everyone’s best interest – even in the party who allegedly caused your injury.


Because it avoids court. And court costs everyone time and money.

So with just about every personal injury case, the defendant is almost always willing to settle.

And 90% of the time, both sides […]

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What is Proportionate Responsibility? Why Should You Care?

Before 1973, if you contributed in any way to your personal injury, you could not recover any financial compensation in Texas. So if you rolled through a stop sign while a defendant drove drunk and went 20 miles per hour over the speed limit, that spelled tough luck and no compensation for you.

Guess your parents […]

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What are Punitive Damages in Texas? Can You Get Them?

When you file a personal injury claim, it’s your goal to get something back for what you lost as a result of the accident. In their purest sense, punitive damages are assigned to:

Punish the defendant
Encourage them to not engage in the behavior again
Show society their behavior is not in the least bit acceptable

To get punitive […]

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Why You Must Avoid Personal Injury Lawyers that Advertise Like Crazy

Some personal injury lawyers advertise relentlessly. Others do it with quiet dignity. Learn why you don’t want to work with the first kind of lawyer.

First thing’s first, and let’s be very clear: it’s completely okay for lawyers to advertise their services through whatever means they find that work.

TV, radio, Google search, social media – it’s […]

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Do You Have a Worker’s Comp or Personal Injury Claim?

Did you know Texas is the only state in the entire United States that does not require employers above a predetermined size to carry worker’s compensation?

Sounds crazy, but it’s true!

And here’s the good news: it’s usually easier to recover financial compensation from companies that do not carry worker’s comp. Many of the legal defenses “subscribers” […]

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