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    Tips for Preventing Motorcycle Injuries

    Motorcycle accidents account for thousands of auto accidents every year, many of them resulting in death to the rider or motorcycle passenger. At times, they may result in the death of a pedestrian or the driver of another vehicle. To prevent injuring yourself or another party and avoid litigation, follow these tips for motorcycle safety:
    Protecting Yourself and Other Drivers

    • Always wear a helmet; this is your best defense against serious and fatal brain injuries.
    • Wear eye and face protection to ensure unobstructed vision.
    • Keep your license current in any state.
    • Alcohol consumption is just as dangerous before riding a motorcycle. Do not operate a motorcycle under the influence.
    •  Follow all the rules of the road. Speeding accounts for 40 percent of fatal motorcycle crashes (Data: NHTSA, 2007).
    •  Watch for road hazards: large cracks, holes, and bumps.
    • Abide by state law regarding headlight usage.
    • If you're a new rider, take a motorcycle riders' course prior to securing your license. To locate a course near you, contact the Motorcycle Safety Foundation at 1-800-446-9227.

    Protecting Your Motorcycle Passengers

    • Don't allow anyone to ride with you until you are skilled at riding in a variety of conditions; exercise extreme caution regarding allowing children to ride.
    • When passengers ride with you, they must wear a helmet and protective gear.
    • Insist that passengers sit on the seat behind you.
    • Make sure passengers' feet can reach the footrests. Tell them to keep their feet on the footrests at all times, even when you stop.
    • Don't let passengers get on the motorcycle until after you start it.
    • Tell your passengers to lean with you when you turn.
    • Insist that passengers hold on to your waist all the time.
    • Instruct passengers to keep their legs away from the muffler to avoid burns.
    • Ask that passengers limit their movement and talking.

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