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Texas Personal Injury Attorneys - Accident Lawyers Texas, TX

Texas Personal Injury - Any time you are injured because of the carelessness of a person, corporation or other entity you may be entitled to compensation. Car accidents, burn injuries, dog bites, slip and fall accidents and on the job injuries are just a small selection of the types of injuries a Texas citizen may sustain. If you are injured it is essential that you contact a Texas personal injury lawyer to determine your legal rights in your unique situation.

Texas Slip and Fall - Slip and fall accidents can leave you with serious and even life-altering injuries. Uneven surfaces, slippery floors, potholes (indoors or out), faulty carpet installation, unseen curbs or elevated surfaces are all possible surfaces that can lead to unwarranted injury. When noticeable warning signs are not noticeable to prevent you from being injured on a dangerous surface leading to injury, you may have grounds for a lawsuit.

Texas Wrongful Death - When someone ultimately loses their life due to negligence of another party, the surviving family members most likely have a wrongful death lawsuit they should pursue. While no amount of money can replace the loss of your loved one, compensation may help to cover medical and funeral expenses along with lost wages and other costs. Filing a lawsuit is pertinent to ensure that this callous neglect does not occur in the future to other families in a similar situation.

Texas 18 Wheeler Accidents - Big rig accidents are common today and leave thousands of people each year with serious or even fatal injuries. If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident caused by an 18 wheeler or semi, consult with a trusted Texas auto accident attorney.

Texas Burn Injuries - Burns caused by fire, chemicals, hot liquids or explosions can be life altering and sometimes deadly. Many people suffering burn injuries at work or other locations may be permanently disfigured or require multiple surgeries and skin grafting to return to a normal way of life. You may be eligible for compensation of costs related to your injuries, lost wages, rehabilitation and pain & suffering as well.

Texas Drunk driver / driving accidents - Hundreds of auto accidents take place across the country each day, some involving drunk drivers. Whether you were injured because another motorist was driving under the influence, speeding, or driving recklessly, you have certain rights that must be protected.

Texas Motorcycle Accidents - Drivers of motorcycles are subject to serious injuries due to the lack of protection that those who drive cars enjoy. Without a protected environment, you are exposed when an accident occurs - and motorists may not pay close enough attention to notice you out of a rear or side-view mirror.

There are unlimited types of accidents that could leave you injured, but when an accident is the fault of someone else you need sound legal advice and strong representation. The Law Offices of Regis Mullen & Shane Mullen, Inc. work aggressively on your behalf to obtain a favorable resolution in your case.

Above and beyond the above practice areas, we also work in the following niche areas of personal injury :

- Amputation Injury
- Aviation Accidents
- Bicycle Accidents
- Boating Accidents
- Brain Injury
- Bus Accident
- Catastrophic Injury
- Construction Accidents
- Crushed Roofs
- Defective Child Car Seats
- Defective Seatbelts
- Dog Bites
- Explosions and Fires
- Food Poisoning
- Gas Tank Explosions
- Mesothelioma/Asbestos
- Motor Vehicle Defects
- Negligent Security
- Nursing Home Abuse
- Pedestrian Accidents
- Pharmaceutical Liability
- Premises Liability
- Products Liability
- Recalled Products
- Spinal Cord Injury
- Swimming Pool Accidents
- Train Accident
- Uninsured Motorist
- Vehicle Rollover
- Victims of Assault and Battery
- Work Related Accidents

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The above is not legal advice. That can only come from a qualified attorney who is familiar with all the facts and circumstances of a particular, specific case and the relevant law.

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