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Swimming Pool Accident Attorneys - Drowning Lawyers - Dallas & Fort Worth

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Pool owners must always ensure that their pool is safely protected from children by a fence, and whenever the pool is in use an adult should always be present to prevent children injury or drowning. Proper signage should be posted to ensure individuals don’t dive in to a shallow end of a pool and suffer injuries from a pool accident. If proper precautions aren’t taken, adults and children alike can suffer mild to serious injuries, and in some sad situations loss of life can occur. If this is a public pool, lifeguards are the safest solution to preventing drowning.

At The Law Offices of Regis Mullen & Shane Mullen, Inc. our Dallas swimming pool accidents attorneys have the skill, experience and knowledge necessary to protect the rights of those who have sustained injuries in these types of accidents. For 29 years we have helped those in Mesquite, Fort Worth, Irving, Plano and Arlington by providing sound legal counsel and guidance.

It makes no difference whether you were injured in a residential, commercial or public swimming pool. Property owners are often held responsible when someone is injured due to an accident on their premises. We work vigorously in our efforts to pursue maximum compensation for victims of drowning. Those who are negligent should be held accountable for their actions, which usually include monetary compensation of costs related to injuries.

Those who own swimming pools and hot tubs should provide effective and reasonable barriers so that children and adults alike are not at risk of injuries. Fencing and other barriers, along with proper supervision reduces the risk of accidents that can result in serious or even fatal injuries. When property owners fail to put safeguards in place, our Dallas swimming pool accidents law firm is dedicated to pursuing the compensation for the injury victims. You may face not only medical costs, but lost wages, pain and suffering or even expenses for the loss of a loved in the unfortunate circumstance that a drowning occurs.

Whether the accident involves shallow water, inadequate warning signs or fencing, lack of supervision or lifeguards or other negligent actions can lead to injury. We provide strong legal counsel, performing the investigation and taking a case to trial when necessary to reach a positive outcome on our clients' behalf. Those in Fort Worth, Arlington, Mesquite, Plano and Irving in need of a Dallas swimming pool accidents attorney will benefit from the years of experience and skill we bring to the table.

Head injuries, drowning and broken bones are just a few examples of injuries that can result from the use of an indoor or outdoor pool. Contact the Dallas swimming pool accidents lawyers at The Law Offices of Regis Mullen & Shane Mullen, Inc. when you are in need of an effective and capable attorney who will work tirelessly in pursuit of justice. Call us today for a consultation regarding your claim.

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