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Pharmaceutical Liability Attorneys - Drug Recall & Liability Lawyers - Dallas & Fort Worth

Serving Arlington, Carrollton, Dallas, Denton, Fort Worth, Frisco, Garland, Grand Prairie, Grapevine, Hurst, Euless, Bedford ( HEB Area ), Irving, Lewisville, McKinney, Mesquite, Plano and Richardson Texas.

At The Law Offices of Regis Mullen & Shane Mullen, Inc. our Dallas pharmaceutical liability lawyers have been working hard to protect the rights of our clients for over 29 years. Unsafe drugs can lead to serious injuries and even death in certain situations. You trust that your prescription medications have been properly tested to ensure you are most likely safe to take them. In some cases, your physician should have known about potential side affects specifically dangerous to you, and should not have prescribed a certain medication to you. For example, those with liver problems shouldn’t take a large number of prescription medications.

If you receive injuries from taking RX medications and you weren’t notified of the possible side affects, you may have a pharmaceutical liability case. We typically believe that medications will heal your ailment or improve your health, but you never count on them putting your health or life at risk.

Those in Fort Worth, Plano, Irving, Mesquite and Arlington can count on our pharmaceutical liability lawyers to provide sound and aggressive legal counsel.

Many wonderful and effective drugs have been produced by the pharmaceutical industries, some helping fight and even cure certain diseases and conditions. However, many drugs are capable of causing severe harm. Heart attacks, blindness, damage to organs and even suicidal tendencies can often be attributed to dangerous drugs. Our Dallas pharmaceutical liability attorneys know that you have a right to compensation when you have suffered injuries or permanent damage due to these dangerous drugs and defective medical devices.

The FDA is responsible for approving new drugs and medical devices, but even their approval doesn't mean that a drug is 100% safe or will not cause side effects. Those who manufacturer drugs have a responsibility to notify patients of any side effects or risks associated with those drugs or devices. You are entitled to complete disclosure, as is your physician when determining whether a drug or medical device would be beneficial to your health. Our Dallas pharmaceutical liability lawyers will work to hold drug manufacturers, pharmacists & doctors accountable for any negligence that caused your injury.

Most people have no idea if what they are going through is grounds for legal action. That is why a free consultation with a skilled Dallas pharmaceutical liability attorney can help you determine whether negligence was involved. They will also offer guidance in to what course of action should be taken in your unique situation. Compassionate lawyers not only provide effective legal counsel and litigation when necessary, they also talk with you helping you to understand your rights and how things may proceed.

The pharmaceutical industry makes vasts amount of money, and in some situations may choose to profit off of a somewhat dangerous drug. Therefore, drugs and medical devices are often rushed in to the marketplace without proper testing and labeling. When you are in need of an experienced Dallas pharmaceutical liability law firm who is capable of protecting your rights and seeking justice, count on The Law Offices of Regis Mullen & Shane Mullen, Inc.

Call The Law Offices of Regis Mullen & Shane Mullen, Inc. now at (214) 747-5240 or CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT A SIMPLE CASE FORM.

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