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Attorney Settles Elbow Injury Car Wreck in Keller, TX for $107,025

$107,025 gross recovery for car wreck in Keller, TX. Outstanding settlement by attorney for small permanent scar on elbow.
Our client sustained a permanent scar as a result of a 3 inch wound on her elbow, following a motor vehicle collision. The at-fault driver was traveling southbound at the intersection of Cat Mountain Trail and North Tarrant Parkway in Keller, TX. Our client was traveling westbound in the 1000 block of North Tarrant Parkway, when the negligent driver failed to yield the right of way and hit her automobile causing it to roll several times.

She received several injuries in the accident which required physical therapy, including injuries to her neck, back, left knee, right ankle, and left elbow. Our Dallas personal injury law firm was able to assist her in obtaining medical services from a therapy clinic, neurologist, medical doctor, medical imaging facility, and psychologist.

Comments from Attorney Joseph Morrison: I realized early that mental […]

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How to Protect Yourself from Car Accident Fraud

Yes, criminals fake car accidents. But it’s not the rough-looking types. Doctors and lawyers are in on it too. Learn what to do and how to protect yourself.
Car accident fraud? Really? Sounds amazing at first. But it happens. Los Angeles is the nation’s capital of car accident fraud.

And it’s not criminal lowlifes who do this. Instead, doctors diagnose fake injuries, lawyers file fake claims, fake witnesses support the story, and “victims” fake the crash.

Is this really a big problem?

You bet it is. Los Angeles had 7,700 fraudulent accidents in 2012.

In fact, Los Angeles recently got a $6.9 million grant to end this.

Here’s how it usually works: You’re targeted. One car quickly cuts in front of you. Another car cuts in front of that car. So now there’s two cars in front of you. The car at the front slams its breaks, and you slam into the car in front of you. It’s […]

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Attorney Settles Injury Auto Accident in Coppell, TX for $60,425.18

$60,425.18 gross recovery for injury auto accident in Coppell, TX. Fantastic settlement by attorney at policy limits for client who obtained relief from lumbar facet injections.
A young woman was injured when she was involved in a car accident in Coppell, TX. She was traveling northbound in the left lane of the 300 block of Denton Tap Road. She brought her car to a stop to wait for a vehicle that was making a legal U-Turn as did the automobile in front of her. The at-fault party, however, was inattentive and failed to  control the speed of her vehicle. As a result the negligent driver rear-ended our client’s car, which in turn caused her to collide with the rear of the automobile in front of her. Our client, who had no prior injury claims, had manageable neck and back pain prior to the wreck that was aggravated by the wreck.

Comments from Attorney […]

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Attorney Settles Disc Injury Car Accident in Grapevine, TX for $47,475

$47,475 gross recovery for disc injury auto accident in Grapevine, TX. Fantastic settlement by attorney at policy limit for pain relief from injections.
A woman was injured in a car accident in Grapevine, TX. She was traveling northbound in the right lane of the 3400 block of FM 2499 proceeding through the intersection at Grapevine Mills Parkway with a green light. An inattentive motorist traveling westbound on Grapevine Mills Parkway disregarded his red light and struck her automobile causing her to subsequently collide with a third car. The property damage to her vehicle was significant. The woman, who had no prior personal injury claims, retained Mullen & Mullen to represent her.

Comments from Attorney Shane Mullen: At our injury law firm, we make it a top priority to set up all potential claims as soon as the client retains us. On this particular case we immediately set up a liability claim with […]

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New Research Reveals How Deadly Texas’ Highways Are

How unsafe are Texas’ highways? Should you be highly concerned? What can you do to stay safe? Find out the truth in this post.
What’s one of the first things you talk about with your coworkers when you make it to the office each morning?

The crazy drivers on the road, right?

Should that guy weaving in and out of traffic even have a license? What about the person that passed you on the right at the stop light?

Or that driver this morning who just had to turn right in front of you… and drive 10 miles below the speed limit. And then you have that idiot who drives on your tail for miles…

Sometimes, you’re just happy to make it to work and home again without someone rearranging the bumper on your car.

But in Texas, are you really justified in your beliefs about other drivers? Are they more dangerous than other drivers across […]

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Attorney Settles Injury Car Accident in Arlington, TX for $57,511

$57,511 gross recovery for cervical injury car accident in Arlington, TX. Outstanding result by attorney at policy limit despite no significant findings on MRI.
Our client was operating a motor vehicle traveling northbound on Mansfield Webb Rd in Arlington, TX. She brought her automobile to a stop and was waiting to make a left turn onto Spring Miller Ct. An inattentive motorist traveling at an excessive speed rear-ended her car. As a result of the wreck her vehicle was pushed forward roughly 20 feet. Property damage to both autos was substantial. She went to the hospital the following day with primary complaints of low back and neck pain.

Remember: It is always good to get evaluated at the hospital if you have been involved in a car wreck, especially a collision with significant property damage. Make sure to report all body parts that are experiencing pain, even if the pain is only moderate. […]

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FAQs About Car Accidents and Your Legal Rights

Can you recover money for your injuries in Texas if you weren’t wearing your seatbelt? Find out the answer to that and other questions in this post.
Getting in a car accident causes a thousand questions to race through your head. And you know law is complex. So it’s possible many things will come up that you didn’t even know to think of.

Here are some Plain English answers to 6 common questions:

Can I still recover money if I wasn’t wearing my seatbelt and the other driver was at fault?

Yes you can. Some states don’t let you recover money at all. But in Texas, the Supreme Court is more sensible than that and ruled in 2015 the amount you can recover, but it can be reduced.

There are no guarantees on how that will actually work out for you. But make sure you wear your seatbelt anyway… you don’t want to have […]

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Soft Tissue Injury Car Wreck in Selman City, TX Settles for $60,696

$60,696 gross recovery for soft tissue injury car wreck in Selman City, TX. Outstanding settlement for claim involving sprain/strain injuries.
Our client, who served in the United States Air Force and Air National Guard, sustained soft tissue injuries when he was involved in an automobile accident in Selman City, TX. He was stopped at the intersection of SH 64 and SH 42. An inattentive motorist failed to control her speed and rear-ended his vehicle.

The client required physical therapy for injuries he sustained in the accident. He underwent an MRI and it revealed no herniated discs or pinched nerves in his spine. He was diagnosed with soft tissue injuries. When his neck/back pain persisted despite his best efforts in physical therapy, he was referred to a pain management doctor. The client elected to undergo injections in an effort to obtain complete relief. The injections were successful and his pain resolved.

Remember: Soft tissue […]

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Attorney Settles Knee Injury Car Accident in Dallas, TX for $50,000

$50,000 gross recovery for knee injury car accident in Dallas, TX. Fantastic policy limit settlement by attorney for claim where the insurance company’s first offer was less than $20,000.
Our client was traveling westbound at the 6200 block of W Northwest Hwy in Dallas, TX approaching the intersection of 9500 Pickwick Lane. He had to stop quickly due to the heavy traffic in front of him. The motorist behind him was inattentive, failed to control the speed of his vehicle, and rear-ended him.

Comments from Attorney Joseph Morrison: The insurance adjuster tried to argue from the onset of the claim that the wreck should be classified as minor due to the fact that our client’s car did not sustain a great deal of property damage. We pointed out, however, that the at-fault driver’s car had to be towed from the scene of the collision due to the damage per the Texas Peace […]

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How to Stop Car Accidents Caused by Cell Phones

It’s entirely possible to have zero deaths on our highways because of cell phone use. Texas ranks second in the nation for such deaths.
The National Safety Council’s 2014 Injury Facts report says cell phone use has caused 26% of all motor vehicle crashes. A surprising statistic comes next: just 5% involve texting, compared to 21% that involved talking on handheld cell phones, or using them hands free.

So interestingly, while everyone wants to talk about texting while driving (which is certainly important), it looks like talking on cell phones while driving causes more accidents.

And adults, you can’t just blame teens for causing all the accidents. We weren’t able to find reliable data on accident rates, but this infographic shows 13% of drivers 18-20 involved in car wrecks admitted to using their cell phones while driving. And those are just the ones that admitted to it. One problem with this statistical data is […]

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